the specifications, the data sheets and application notes for Product and the precautions and conditions set forth in the “TOSHIBA. ON CHARACTERISTICS. hFE(1). DC Current Gain*. (IC=mAdc, VCE=Vdc). VCE(sat). Collector-Emitter Saturation Voltage. MAXIMUM RATINGS: (TA=25°C unless otherwise noted). SYMBOL. UNITS. Collector-Base Voltage. VCBO. V. Collector-Emitter Voltage. VCEO. V.

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Ok guysit think the time has come torecap and restore cd Overundr1Jul 30, You should find a service manual, and there you can find a data what is recommended hfe range for current transistor.

Micro Electronics Ltd. – Datasheet

Ok KaleI see what you mean. On cd 10 all of these ‘s and ‘s are line level datasheer, I don’t know if they need to have high gain. KaleJul 30, Well actually there is no trouble at all. I don’t have the service manual for CD 10 so I expect your proposals.

68 Amazing Ideas Of C1815 Gr 331 Transistor Datasheet

On some places I leaved those 2sc, just checked them by semiconductor tester are they good and cleaned legs, because they were blacksome of fatasheet I would replace by 2SC where the high gain and ultra-low noise is not important… So there are no advice change them 2sc115gr with xy transistor…. But this doesn’t look like a transistor problem to me.


If anyone can get a hand on a service manual for this active crossover please do and send me a pm.

I talked with a friend of mine and a techand he says 2xc1815gr aren’t really linear transistors. No, create an account now.

KaleJul 31, After 41 years the crossover performs flawlessly. I would only exchange them cause of their datssheet and perhaps the noise level.

People I need a helping hand. No noise or mysterious symptoms.

So the question here is what can I sub them with? Along with the electrolytics. There are a couple of c On the transistors front they have used 2sc 32pcsand 2sa another 32pcs. Ok these are easy to find I suppose ,and will try the nichicon way of course. Log in or Sign up. Well there is oneit cuts bass output on the right channeland after a restart it works again.

That is the same transistor, but Mouser has only Y hfe classification which is hfe from toso if that is enough for replacing 2SC, that could be a good solution too! Yes, my password is: What a rare piece of gear.


So to sum it updo I go with ksc or ksc ?

A pair of hotos. It is not a simple answer. Do you already have an account? Yup, those 2sa’s have to go, little troublemakers that they are. Now I am working on one CA which has so much 2SC and in phono preamp I changed them by Toshiba 2SCBL because there it is very important get transistor which is ultra-low noise and high gain.

In the raw among the others. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Linear and low noise of course.

2SCGR in stock =

HyperionJul 30, I don’t have the schematics neither the service manualso any proposals are welcome. Your name or email address: Datashfet green bp of nichicon.

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