Acu-Rite S Manual Machine Tool Digital Readouts for Milling and Turning. Acu-Rite S DRO packages with Linear Encoders for almost any manual. Find great deals on eBay for ACU Rite DRO in Digital Readouts for DRO; DROM, DROE; VRO; S; S; Acurite VUE; Anilam Wizard ;. Acu-Rite S DRO. The ACU-RITE series with LCD screen technology offers the possibility of running different types of operations with just one readout.

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Job setup parameters, Units, Scale factor | ACU-RITE S User Manual | Page 27 / 98

Pros and Cons of either one? Linear Pattern Information Required Type: Following a power cycle, do not move any axes.

Acu-ritee not divide by zero. Shipping in the USA only. I haven’t been able to find any identification numbers on the two scales on my mill. I’m also looking to buy one. Tool Table The S can store the dimensional offsets for up to 16 tools see 20s screen. First time power up require these values to be defined along with all initial DRO setting. Enter the coordinates in incremental dimensions. Enter 4 for the number of holes.

If you want to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the cookie policy. Display Configuration The Display Configuration form is where which axes can be selected for display, and in what order.


This function is for Milling applications only page The Actual Value mode always displays the current actual position of the tool, relative to the active datum. They can acu-rte recalled, and executed from the DRO.

ACU-RITE S : User guide

An end mill is shown in this example, along with the Set Datum screen. Contamination, and frequency errors acu-riite at corresponding encoder. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. For the taper ratio, calculation requires: It is defined as one of the two axes in the plane of rotation.

What’s missing? Tell us about it.

Probing with a Tool If using a tool, or non-electrical edge finder to set datum points, the S probing functions can still be used. Note that any movement that occurs while power is off will be lost. More expensive of course If not, you will not be able to switch between the new tools and the existing tools without having to re-establish the datum.

Can not take the square root of a negative number. This page was last updated: Reference Mark Reference Mark The S reference mark feature automatically re-establishes the relationship between axis slide positions, and display values last defined by the datum setting 20s a power cycle. To preset the location for Hole 2: Working without reference mark The S can also be used without crossing over the reference marks.

Page 15 Operating Instructions Display Configuration Display Configuration The Display Configuration form is where which axes can be selected for display, and acu-rie what order.


I detest membrane keypads. Tags for this Thread acu-riteaxisdroscalescales.

The datum setting procedure establishes these points as the origin of the absolute, or relative coordinate systems. General Navigation Use key pad to enter numeric values within each field. Incline, and Arc Milling This section describes the incline, and arc milling features. Page 22 I – 2 General Operations for S Help Screen The integrated operating instructions provide information and assistance in any situation.

The length offset may be entered as a known value or the S may determine the offset automatically. Job, and Installation Setup parameters may be sent to a printer or computer. The following soft keys are available while running a Circle, or Linear Pattern 2200s Soft key Press to select the graphic view of the pattern. The operator now only needs to move the table until the display is zero and he will be at the required nominal position.

I – 1 Fundamentals of Positioning Encoder Reference Marks Encoders normally contain one or more reference marks which the S Reference Mark Evaluation feature uses acu-rire re-establish datum positions after a power interruption. When On, the measurement data is output when the probe operation is completed. Mounting arm is unused Introduction Introduction Software Version The software version is shown on the initial power up screen.

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