Protrepticus: Aristotle: The Academy: Another youthful work, the Protrepticus (“ Exhortation”), has been reconstructed by modern scholars from quotations in. ments” in Aristotle’s exoteric writings, advanced the theory that the Aristote- lian Protrepticus must have been a hortatory work advocating the neces-. SINCE Bywater’s article of I it has been taken for granted considerable fragments of Aristotle’s Protrepticus, and their num to grow. Scholars, while admitting.

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Protrepticus | work by Aristotle |

Sign in Create an account. Aristotle, I suggest, believes that contemplation is useful in this second way. But later, in EE viii 3, Aristotle holds that the ultimate end for human beings is the contemplation of the god b17; b Aristohle, if we find a potential inconsistency between the aristocratic defense and the utility argument, it is not yet clear that the Protrepticus itself is an incoherent text—at least if we keep in mind the genre-specific goals of protreptic writing.

Second, he argues that contemplation nevertheless possesses a cer- tain kind of usefulness after all. To see more clearly how contemplation can usefully guide practical judgment, I first call attention to Protrepticus Setup an account with your affiliations in order to access resources via your University’s proxy server Protfepticus custom proxy use this if your affiliation does not provide a proxy.

University of California Press London: After all, being useless is insufficient by itself to confer final value or choiceworthiness to all sorts of weird activities. Log In Sign Up. Conse- quently, they will grant due weight to their contemplative powers and maintain their non-rational desires under appropriate control.

Klubertanz – – Modern Schoolman 43 3: University of California Press, Views Read Edit View history. Moreover, there is good reason to hold that the Aris- totle of the Protrepticus, like Aristotle in other works, identifies this intellect as a god, for, indeed, the Protrepticus explicitly identifies the god and intellect 8.


The problem that Aristotle faces is this: If philosophy exists we ought certainly to philosophize, because philosophy exists; and if it does not exist, even so we ought to examine why it aristottle not exist, and in examining this we shall be philosophizing, because examination is what makes philosophy.

Contemplation, he can say, guides and supports the subordinate power of practical reasoning, which in turn supports virtuous patterns of reason-responsive desire. Clarkmentioned [8]. In one Aristotle attempts to meet the charge that contemplation is valueless because it is useless. Just as the latter rely on inexact measures, the former rely on inexact measures of the human good in making practical judg- ments.


The Utility of Contemplation in Aristotle’s Protrepticus. And so, perception cannot be for the sake of nutritive functioning. We invite and appreciate feedback: Originally in Phronesis Given the internal aims of philosophical protreptic, it would be troublesome if two major arguments clashed in a straightforward fashion.

Find it on Scholar. I wish to give special acknowledgment to the University of Miami, where I worked on this article as a post- doctoral fellow. Cambridge University Press Clement of Alexandria, Protrepticus 2. Studia Graeca et Latina Gothoburgensia. Yet the passage above stands out for argu- ing explicitly that contemplative knowledge is useful. Still, even if these useless activities are not worth pursuing, their uselessness in no way rules out other useless activities, viz. For Aristotle, perceptive activity is the highest end in the lives of non- rational animals: On my reading, while Aristotle believes that contemplation is useless in subserving any higher ends, he nevertheless believes that contemplation can be useful for supporting subservient lower ones.

Diels, Hermann and Walther Kranz edd. In other words, just how is the derivation sup- posed to work? And we can do this by showing that the purported inconsistency between the aristocratic defense and the utility argument, even in the fragments that we now possess, is only apparent.


Unlike plants, animals lack roots and so lack an immediate source of nutriment.

The most recent version of our provisional reconstruction. Further, Timaeus claims that the Demiurge wishes all things to resemble himself as much as possible 29eand that the Demiurge wishes the cosmic order to possess intel- lect 30b.

University of Notre Dame Press. Aristotle thus wants to say that through exercising contemplation, we some- how come to understand the nature of the human good, i.

For again, on the reading I propose, Aristotle can allow that contemplative wisdom exercised in understanding the order of the cosmos is the highest wisdom, even in the Protrepticus.

So, while Aristotle protrepficus offer either argument on its own to exhort his audience, the two protrepticcus together would seem to cancel each other out. Therefore, the potential inconsistency of the aristocratic defense and the utility argument does threaten to pose a problem for Aristotle, and so, the initial response to the apparent inconsistency is insufficient.

Aristotle on Nature and Living Things: Hutchinson University of Toronto doug. University of California Press London: Second, mature animals require a perceptive means by which to obtain nutriment lest they perish as well. We post regular updates about the project on our blogwhere you can access a quick introduction protreptcus the project. Inwe began a project to reconstruct the lost work by reevaluating all the aristofle sources of evidence for it.