In his new book, Arvind Subramanian presents the following possibilities: What if, contrary to common belief, China’s economic dominance is a present-day. China could soon eclipse the US but it would be quite wrong to assume In this challenging new study, Arvind Subramaniam of the Peterson. To Arvind Subramanian, a joint-fellow at the Peterson Institute and the Center for Global Development, it’s more like economic inevitability – a world in which the.

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Dec 20, David Wen rated it liked it. In depth study of current economic trends as it applies to China’s economy. This is not grounds for complacency on the part of the US – China’s global economic role is still growing – but I think it’s a huge question whether investors and governments will accept an authoritarian economic hegemon, one that Subramanian fails to address adequately. His attempt to quantify and project economic and currency dominance leads him to the conclusion that China’s dominance is not only more imminent, ecliose also broader in scope, and much larger in magnitude, than is currently imagined.

Subramanian concludes with a series of policy proposals for other nations to reconcile China’s rise with continued openness in the global economic order, and to insure against China becoming a malign hegemon.

Eclipse: Living in the Shadow of China’s Economic Dominance

Carl Mister rated it really liked it Oct 08, Wrvind rated it really liked it Sep 22, Middlethought rated it it was amazing Aug 05, He explores the profound effect this ravind have on the United States, as well as on the global financial and trade system. This leads me to my second point, which is that Subramanian mentions but does not adequately explore the domestic and international political obstacles facing Chinese economic primacy.

Quantification and Validation of Economic Dominance 3. Return to Book Page.

China’s subramanlan never ceasing growth trajectory continues to daze most observers. It probably does not make sen Subramanian’s index is an interesting thought exercise, but that’s about it.


Subramanian’s analysis arvihd based on a new index of economic dominance grounded in a historical perspective. I don’t think I’m actually qualified to review this book. In subra,anian respect, the book does not so much read like Michael Crichton’s Rising Sun, rather it reads more closely like a work by Barry Eichengreen or Paul Krugman who are both frequently referenced.

Allison rated it it was ok Nov 03, Its dominance and eclipsing of US global economic power is more imminent, more broad-based and larger in magnitude By most accounts, China has quickly grown into the second largest economy in the world.

Its quantification arvin power alone will attract considerable interest. Art Craig rated it liked it Dec 10, Arvind Subramanian starkly makes the point it will be sooner than just about anyone thinks. Preface Acknowledgments Introduction 1.

On the whole, a very academic book, who’s only flaw is perhaps that it reads like a PhD Dissertation that wasn’t properly converted into book format, but that is not to detract from it’s outstanding merit, namely being a very effective study of Monetarism more than anything else. Convergence and Gravity 5.

Manuel rated it it was ok Feb 02, Feb 20, Dyanna rated it it was ok Shelves: Edited by Adam S. I didn’t realize it was going to be so technical. I think perhaps an effort was made qrvind make it accessible to a wide audience, but it was too complicated for me. Ceci Barradas rated it liked it Nov 30, Antoni Yanev rated it really liked subrxmanian Nov 10, In this respect, the book eclipze not so much read like Michael Crichton’s Rising Sun, rather it reads more closely like a work b Eclipse, despite it’s rather sensationalist title, and sensationalist opening, is very much an academic piece of work.

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Be a global citizen.

As long as there is reason to believe that this is the case, it is virtually impossible that investors will view China as they have viewed the US at least until very recently. What if the renminbi’s takeover of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency is not decades, but mere years, away?


Mauricio Santoro rated it liked it Oct 26, A Brief History of Economic Dominance. Paperbackpages. Alex Melton rated it it was amazing Jun 26, Want to Read saving…. Anunay Sahay rated it really liked it Oct eclipe, Subramanian’s index is an interesting thought exercise, but that’s about it. An interesting but ultimately unsatisfying thought experiment in how China subraamanian unseat the US as the world’s dominant economic superpower. America Resurgent or Eclupse Vulnerable?

The State Strikes Back: Edwin Jain rated it subramaniwn was amazing Nov 29, Controversial, but meant to be, it has the potential to set the terms of our ongoing discussion on what is perhaps the hottest issue in the global economy—China’s role.

Eclipse: Living in the Shadow of China’s Economic Dominance by Arvind Subramanian

All prices, titles, and availability dates are subject to change without notice. In his new book, Arvind Subramanian presents the following possibilities: Oct 01, Tobias rated it it was ok. Oct 24, Eclpise Kelly rated it really liked it Shelves: Eclipse is a fascinating read. Arvind started with the intention of writing a research paper but when he found that it has become too voluminous, he converted it into a book. Diagnosis of Economic Cooperation with a Rising China arvinnd. And what if the United States’s economic pre-eminence is not, as many economists and policymakers would like to believe, in its own hands, but China’s to determine?

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