The silly thing is that by default the settings for OLE objects are such that they might not plot. Here’s how: Have an excel spread sheet saved. That’s one of the reasons I avoid using OLE objects. Unfortunately your version of AutoCAD is too old to have the Table > DataLink feature that. The Object Inserted into AutoCAD is an OLE, and I can not get this to PLOT. I do know if you insert the Object as a TIFF or a JPEG it will Plot.

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What has me the most puzzled is why image shows on my printer, but not my plotter. Looking at other threads although not Acad: Aaahh one hot those self appointed genious types, I know the type. It’s holding up completion of project. I am changing nothing in my plot dialog box except which printer I am using and the size paper. You are quite nice.

June 25, at 8: Yes, I have used my photo program to convert to jpeg, but image is not clear and readable. If you go to your printers and faxes on the start menu, right click the printer in question and select properties, then on the advanced tab select print directly to the printer instead of spoolingsee if this has any effect.

Posted September 20, It was kind of a auhocad bug, not completely like yours but give it a shot maybe.

Are you printing to PDF use Adobe? It all looks great, autocaad preview looks good, and it prints as an AutoCAD dwg. If you are reading this, you are the resistance. And what happens if you print directly from Excel? Try inserting it is paper space instead.


I save the Image as a. June 25, at 6: I cannot find any printer specific settings that would effect the contents of what’s being printed If so, from there you should be able to print it properly to any other printer or plotter. Another thing could be the memory on your plotter, we have had in the past where images either wouldn’t print plottinb it printed with missing strips through the image, which we found to be memory issues.

Sign In Sign Up. I have 2 questions: Anything you ro think of in the Plot dialog box? Do you think you could walk me thru how you would handle importing a PDF graphic to be a visible, plottable object in a drawing??

Or post or email me the pdf and I’ll have a go at converting it this oke for ya. The silly thing is that by default the settings for OLE objects are such that they might not plot. Okay, can you check that when you have images jpeg or tiff inserted in Acad that you can print to the plotter just try any old image.

That’s why I inserted it as an OLE by objeect the graphic to clipboard, and then into my drawing.

OLE not Plotting – AutoCAD Drawing Management & Output – AutoCAD Forums

You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. I am going to try to investigate the drivers, but I know nothing about it. This article raised hope for me it still does not work. I have a pdf, opened autocae Acrobat, put on clipboard as a graphic. March 8, at 9: When I ho it to my plotter, no OLE image shows on plot. Linking OLE and not Linking. Also whats the make and model of the plotter in question. Autocad Graphics Not Generated Error.


Why are Images or OLE Object not Printing from AutoCAD?

Or will I need to defer to my IT guy who probably won’t have a clue? I tried to take screen shots, but my computer locked up.

A week ago I did this, it plotted fine. But when I re-opened the drawing, I can not get autofad to plot properly again.

Instead of trying to insert a pdf or ole object have tp tried converting the image to a jpeg or tif and inserting it as an image. September 6, at 2: Home About Website Links. Am I missing something? This site uses cookies.

To cancel your account, use the page Opt-out or contact webmaster cadforum. CAD News registration user profile login logout active topics top countries forum archive last ope. You are welcome, I’m glad you found a solution. I am about to tell my boss “Can’t be done”. My plotter often flashes “Low Memory”, which I nit taught by my predeccesor to ignore. It’s not a matter of importance any more, just my pride. I’ve ibject and pasted an excel office page into an autocad drawing, as well as ‘inserted’ it as an OLE If I test it in the center of the page, no distortion.

Why would the print preview show the image, why would it work on my inkjet, but then not print on my plotter? Could be the memory.