Keywords: Negotiation, mediation, ADR, teaching, communication, questioning, active listening, cartoons, optical illusions, samurai, Barkai. The following is a PowerPoint presentation about the 36 Chinese Strategies as applied to negotiations that I have used many times. You can find more about. Barkai, John, Cultural Dimension Interests, the Dance of Negotiation, and Weather Forecasting: A Perspective on Cross-Cultural Negotiation.

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The drafter can be protected from the other party slipping something in the contract. Determine who is bsrkai. You and your date like each other’s Professor John Barkai – Negotiations p. A hostage taker adds credibility to his bargaining position if he shoots one of several hostages, but in so doing he also risks ending the negotiations.

What are you willing to give? Paraphrased, but still not a complete sentence. To protect yourself in negotiations of any sort, you need to develop or borrow the expertise to balance the quality of information. It was “Take it, or leave it.

My research with economist William Samuelson suggests that a key factor in the winner’s curse is that one side has much better information than the other. Behind the counter displaying used watches, he kept a stack of high-end fashion magazines with glossy advertisements for expensive watches. Similarly, while purchasing goods is usually thought of in win-lose terms, another approach is sometimes possible. Silence By using silence, you hope the other side will speak to their disadvantage.

You both seem to agree that Israel would return the Sinai to Egypt in exchange for assurances of a demilitarized zone and Israeli air bases in the Sinai. What do you have in mind on that topic? But is it fair in your case?


The other side will walk away even though there is was plenty of room between the bottom lines to reach an agreement.

This is a simple lesson practiced by fruit peddlers, who offer free samples, and by law firms, where a receptionist asks, immediately upon greeting you, if you would like a cup of tea or coffee.

The “5 Planning Negotiattion should be considered in every negotiation. We consistently under-value the importance of looking at a situation from the opponent’s standpoint and getting comparable information before we complete a transaction: So negotiators “collect” this information by asking appropriate questions and using other communication techniques.

Reconcile underlying interests of both parties.

Negotiation Handout – University of Hawaii

Research negtoiation psychologists Daniel Kahneman and Amos Tversky suggests that there are important differences narkai how people respond to problems depending on whether they are framed in terms of losses or gains.

Keep your counterpart in the dark about your strategy and your stake in the deal. Maybe this could work for both of us. Can you do better than that? The most important lessons about negotiating and reaching agreements were provided by my Dad, in a pawnshop in East St.

Take away their threat by changing the situation. Fait Accompli An accomplished fact. Ask problem-solving questions, such as “Why is it that you want that?

Negotiation Handout – University of Hawaii

Little concerned with possessions or physical surroundings. Hey, we need to remember that we are on the same side.

How often do you negotiate? What do you mean by that? I really want to hear your feelings about this and share my perspective as well. You have helped me to better understand your views about communication. One side gets their objectives and the other’s sides costs are reduced by going along with the first side. One side gets their top priority on the first issue and the other side gets their top priority on the second issue. The bidding typically starts out fast and furious until it reaches the tocent range, at which point everyone except the two highest bidders normally drops out of the auction.


Can present a proposal or lead a group discussion with ease and tact. You know what, we are both right.

A negotiatiin might take some action and then claim that he did not know that he was doing something in a way that the other side would object to. Help him save face and make the outcome appear as a victory for him. The same is true for lawyers with whom you negotiate. Is it worth serious negotiating on this one? Is there anything else you want to add? What would be most satisfactory to you, and why?

“Teaching Negotiation and ADR: The Savvy Samurai Meets the Devil” by John Barkai

Know what’s going on and join in eagerly. Auth with social network: Do you have the power? Flinch to create doubt in the counterpart’s mind and to add value to a concession.