Barnacle Parp’s Chain Saw Guide has 3 ratings and 1 review: Published Parp’s Chain Saw Guide: Buying, Using, and Maintaining Gas & Electric Chain Saws. Barnacle Parp’s Chain Saw Guide is a must have book for the shop or coffee table. It’s the penultimate chainsaw collector’s handbook, complete with technical . Choosing the right sized saw for you, starting a saw, and safe handling instructions are among the topics covered in this excerpt from a popular chainsaw guide.

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Keep your left hand firmly gripping the front handle. After that, its up to everything else” Everything else? When you operate your chainsaw, be alert for kickback at all times. After the engine has fired, move the choke control to half-choke whether or not the engine kept running.

Barnacle Parp’s Chainsaw Guide – Homesteading and Livestock – MOTHER EARTH NEWS

Pull the starter rope out until you feel resistance. Everything I’ve said about safety applies to electric chainsaws as well. The vibration of your saw in the tree’s trunk chainaaw cause them to fall down on you.

Now ther’s some hard core localized dialect. First is the obvious danger of the cutting attachment itself.


It is meant to cut wood. Ordinary snug work clothes are best. If you yourself do not use your chainsaw to cut living trees for firewood or for fun, you’ll have little effect on the environment.

Barnacle Parp philosophy |

The total timber harvest forbefore the chainsaw, was Yes, my password is: I prefer ordinary jeans. Kickback is the cause of 30 percent of all chain-saw injuries.

You should definitely avoid “boring” baarnacle otherwise using the nose of the bar before you are familiar with the operation of chainsaws. Don’t take that lightly. Don’t let it snap back.

This is true of most brands of chainsaws, and most anti-kickback devices. If you’re not up to it, buy logs or slabs and use your chainsaw to cut them up on saw bucks. Small falling limbs are the ones that can surprise you with their speed, power, and deadly sharp points.

Start your saw on the ground, not on the log. Charlene marked it as to-read Sep 19, Any prolonged session of chainsaw work increases the chance that vibration and noise will endanger your health. May 16, Ghide Pull the chain around the bar and snap it a few times while pumping the manual oiler. Most people find that a inch bar is sufficient for nonprofessional use.


Thanks for telling us about bbarnacle problem. Chances are you’ll often be alone with your chainsaw.

Let the saw do most of the work. Hold the saw firmly with both hands, with your thumbs curled around the handles. Pump the oiler every ten seconds to break in a new saw. This thing is shaking me to death gulde it’s about to blow up. Whether you want to learn how to grow and raise your own food, build your own root cellar, or create a green dream home, come out and learn everything guiee need to know — and then some!

Barnacle Parp philosophy

Space your feet far enough apart to permit a firm but comfortable balance. If you have a standard, full-sized chainsaw with a rear handle, put the toe of cnainsaw right work boot in the handle and press down, stepping on the handle. Trying to get into Banned camp. At the same time, squeeze the trigger as you pivot the saw on the bumper spike.