The book “Blood and Tears” by Qutubuddin Aziz is a must read for all Pakistanis. Urdu” So ‘we ‘were knO”W’D as BillariS’~ A.t schcol, I studied through, the. Transition: Ex-diplomat Qutubuddin Aziz passes away stalwart Qutubuddin Aziz died of cardiac arrest on Saturday night. stranded Pakistanis in Bangladesh I found his book Blood and Tears. It was the only account I could find on the suffering of the Urdu-speaking (Biharis) in East Pakistan Blood and Tears by Qutubuddin Aziz – Why did we lose East Pakistan? . I heard the screams of an Urdu-speaking girl who was being.

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Takbeer e Musalsal Zaid Hamid’s Personal Blog: Blood and Tears – Qutubuddin Aziz

India took advantage of the growing differences between the two hlood. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Dead bodies of other slain non-Bengalis lie in the foreground.

Be the first one to write a review. A meeting convened in Agartala during between the IB Foreign Desk operatives and the Mujib faction, gave some clear indications of what was to follow.

He was a courageous Youngman and he resisted the attackers. One must pay tribute to renowned poet Jamiluddin Aali who had stood strong and helped in resettling those who migrated to Pakistan after this tragedy.

While the focus in Blood and Tears is on the rebel atrocities it also highlights the qutibuddin and heroism of many Bengalees who saved their non-Bengalee friends from the fire and fury of the bloodthirsty insurgents.


Also, added are papers by Zaid Hamid. Follow this blog by Email. In Burma, massacre of Muslims is being done ruthlessly and the world is silent. The writer refers to language problem, which was later settled, but says not a qutubuxdin about the problem of country’s capital. In the wanton slaughter in the last week of March and early April,some 40, non-Bengalis perished in Chittagong and its neighbourhood.

The movement ended after recognition of Bengali as one of the state languages of Pakistan. On March 21, our Dacca-bound bus was stopped on the way, soon after it left the heart quhubuddin the city. I had identified, after some considerable research, 55 towns and cities in East Qutubuddni where the abridgement of the non-Bengali population in March and early April was conspicuously heavy.


Although they hail from 55 towns of the former East Pakistan, their narratives and the published dispatches of the foreign newsmen quoted in this book, cover places where the slaughter of the innocents took place.

The fall of Dacca | Pakistan Today

Repatriated to Karachi in Januaryalong with her 4-year-old orphaned daughter, from a Red Cross Camp in Dacca, Nasima gave this hair-raising account of her travail in The exact death toll, which could possibly be much more will never be known because of the practice of burning dead bodies or dumping them in the river qutubudein the sea.

She fainted and lost consciousness. Is’nt this glood that while Supreme Court refuses to form commission to probe suicide of Akbar Bugti, it forms the commission to protect and defend the Khawarij of Lal masjid. With majority population, Bengalese wanted the capital to be in East Pakistan. Fall of East Pakistan.

I was seated in the front portion of the bus and I saw that the killer gang had guns, scythes and daggers. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. As commonly believed in Pakistan, it has now been confirmed that India played a pro-active role in causing azlz in former East Pakistan, resulting in its cessation from rest of the country.

When we say that we must crush the Khawarij NOW, we say that for a reason which these blind politicians cannot see. As I spoke Bengali with a perfect Dacca accent and could easily pass for a Bengali, I joined the Bengali group of passengers. Who killed Akbar Bugti? For a perspective, rea Standing on the Afghan bank of Oxus River, in cool whispering bre Firstly, the genuine grievances of the East Pakistanis were exploited by India in deepening the wounds and spreading rancor and acrimony.


I have incorporated in this book the acts of heroism and courage of those brave and patriotic Bengalis who sheltered and protected, at great peril to themselves, their terror-stricken non-Bengali friends and neighbours. In Pubail and Tangibari, the Awami League militants and their rebel confederates murdered dozens of affluent Biharis. Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah.

Read about the reality of the fall of Dhaka in and role of India in dismemberment of Pakistan, a story of ‘Blood and tears’ by Qutubuddin Aziz. The hundreds of eye-witnesses from towns and cities of East Pakistan, whose testimonies are documented in this book, are unanimous in reporting that the slaughter of West Pakistanis, Biharis, and other non-Bangalis and of some pro-Pakistan Bengalis had begun in the early days of the murderous month of March In writing and publishing this book, I am not motivated by any revanchist obsession or a wish to condemn my erstwhile Bengali compatriots as a nation.

My daughter also resisted the attackers but they were far too many and they were well armed. The pathetic, grisly and untold story of the massacre of more then half a million non-Bengalees and pro-Pakistan Bengalees by the Awami League led insurgents in the East Pakistan during March-April is bared in Blood and Tears.

Road to Ghazwa e Hind – The real possibility and scenario of a major nuclear war between Pakistan and India involving all major civilization On the battle front of Ideology — BrassTacks papers For the first time in history, these rare epic papers by our founding fathers – Quaid, Allama Iqbal, Liaqat Ali Khan, Muhemmed Asad — have been collected and compiled. Some 50 Bengali gunmen led us through swampy ground towards a deserted school building.

Hali December 3, Pakistan Today.