Sean Hance doesn’t want any part of Coop’s plan to win TerrorFest with an ultra- low-budget horror flick until he realizes that the prize money would let him build. [A]ll we ever get out of Coop’s schemes are headaches and heartbreaks,” opines high school sophomore Sean, who gets his turn narrating in. Call the Shots. image. And action! As the uproarious trio returns, sensitive Sean takes the spotlight? scripting a low-low-budget film while fielding unexpected.

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I’m going to miss the hijinks of this trio of friends and I hope we’ll get another installment sooner than later. Quotes from Call the Shots. I don’t want to miss this trio, because it’s so clear that I will.

Call the Shots

But there was another surprise for Sean. She was the cause of the love triangle and just about all of the conflict and she made the book wrap up really quickly, concisely and easily without too much explanation or difficulty. To top it o In the book “Call the Shots” by Don Calame the main character Cooper, also known as Coop, is full vall ideas, some great, some not so much.

It is with a heavy heart that I bid good-bye to the characters in the Swim the Fly series. My mouth would be hanging open in disbelief by the time those scenes finished.

Even old people, like me, with a much ‘older’ sense of humour. Making a cheapo horror movie guaranteed to make Coop, Sean, and Matt filthy rich!

Read it Forward Read it first. The same sister has also somehow convinced their parents and her friends that Sean is gay. I think that teens are way more bold than these three guys and a lot more lewd, gross and offensive at times, but in the hands of the author, the subject matter never becomes unreadable.


So the gang tries to film a horror movie to debut at a festival to try and make some cash, so that Sean can build an extension to his house. Calame’s writing is easy to read and flows quite well. That’s not something to mess with, and I was sure that cops would break down the door at shoys time and take her to a psychiatric clinic. He wants to film a horror tue for a local film festival.

And they’ve been through so much together, and the thing about it is, they were together. Aug 30, Penny McGill rated it really liked it Shelves: How will Sean and his friends help get enough money to build a new room in Sean’s house?

There is also a nice romance subplot with a surprising love interest. I really enjoyed the book and I thought that I would really enjoy this book too. Mar 10, Carter Stephenson rated it really liked it. The humour is once again on point- the jokes are all strong.

Mar 14, Juan Tinajero rated it really liked it. Sean has often taken a backseat in his Coop’s and Matt’s grand plans. He was easy cll relate too, and easy to feel sorry for. Coop has come up with another one of crazy schemes.


This book is about three best friends. Read to find out. Suddenly Sean is juggling not one but three interested ladies.

And the sexting confusion. But he actually is desperate for cash — and for a way to wipe that big fat L off his girlfriend-less forehead. I am so happy that I stumbled upon this series on Goodreads, as it provided me with a light and very enjoyable summer read. Sean is pretty reluctant until his life takes a turn for the worst.


I’m usually a stickler for reading a series in chronological order but these are pretty much independent of each other–no real spoilers and no prequel background needed.

But when he agrees to write a script about the attack of zombie-vampire humanzees, he has no idea just how powerful a chick magnet this movie will be. Swim the Fly 3.

CALL THE SHOTS by Don Calame | Kirkus Reviews

A great thread to include in the story and it certainly didn’t feel out of place. The last book in a series. As the uproarious trio returns, sensitive Sean takes the spotlight — scripting a low-low-budget film while fielding unexpected female fans. Along with the hysterical hijinks the boys find themselves into and get of, Coop does become his own person and develops self-confidence. But he is a fine example of Star-Wars-loving-Gandalf-swearing geekdom. Even though I wish Matt had narrated the whole series, I understood why the author decided to give narration to all three- it helped me to learn more about each of them as individuals.

I liked how it was shown that most of Sean’s problems stemmed from his inability to stand up for himself, and how each of his girl dom worked out.

Dec 20, Ron rated it it was amazing Shelves: Much laughing going on.