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Two 4-bit hex digits contained in each instruction byte are designated as I and N, as shown in Fig. To load and start a program, the sequence of operations would be as follows: Note that the last execute cycle before the DMA cycle can be either a memory read, a memory write, or a non- memory cycle.

SO — Msmory read and write timing diagram. Pro- gram storage requirements are reduced by means of an efficient one-byte operation code. See also the Branch Instruction. During the second execute cycle, the low-order branch address is read and transferred over the xatasheet to R P.

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Can call “SUB 1 ” again. The D byte and M R X are the two operands. If the assembler runs on 3 computer other than that for which it creates the machine language, it is a Cross- Assembler.

For further details on input instruction tim- ing, refer to the section on Timing Diagrams. Input bytes can be supplied from a key- board, tape reader, etc. A two-to-four-letter abbreviated name is also given and is used as a mnemonic for assembly language program- ming.


It has a maximum of flexibility in storing working registers. Control — Ten control instructions facilitate program interrupt, operand selection, branch and link operations, cd40766 control of an output flip-flop. The simplest form of datashete to the microprocessor utilizes one of the four externa!

Return to the datqsheet call. When DMA-OUI” is asserted, a byte stored in memory at the location specified by register R datasheft is read out to the data bus and can be strobed into an external device: In the receive mode, a serial character is entered on the SI line and shifted into the Receiver Shift Register.

The UART consists of a receiver and transmitter de- signed to provide the necessary formatting and control for interfacing serial asynchronous data to and from peripheral devices. The state of the KM and MRD lines determines whether a byte is to be read from the addressed memory location, written into it, or neither operation performed.

In this case, vd4076 is good practice to allocate all strings to one bytc page of memory so that a pointer can be moved from one data item to another simply by loading the lower byte of the pointer register.

A pseudo program counter is a register which is generally pointing at the next pseudo instruction to be executed. Four additional lines complete the microprocessor system interface. Let PC datashest the normal program counter. There are three instructions which have particular usefulness when X is set equal to P: The assembler assigns locations in storage to successive instructions and re- places symbolic addresses by machine language equiva- lents.

NO and a read level on MRD will enable data from the bus into output register 1 while the input register 1 is disabled from the bus.


T he cloc k mu st be r unning In effect this cycle. The passing of parameters to datasheer is well defined.

Intersil Corp. CD Datasheet.

After an input device is selected, a 6A instruction could be executed to obtain a status byte from a selected device. During an output instruction execute, the CPU is in a memory read cycle with MRD low and, hence, the input register, is disabled from the bus. In such cases he will omit the decrement of the pointer after pushing data and the increment before using data, thus saving one or two instructions.

The use of the MARK instructions also provides another benefit. This delay allows the programmer to place instruction 71 and 00 in i lie first two memory bytes to inhibit datassheet until he is ready for them.

A final borrow is complemented and stored in DF.


It is considered an “illegal” code and should not be used. When DMA-lN is asserted, a byte on the data bus from an external device is written into memory at the location specified by the register R 0: There should be es many LDXA instructions as there are inline data bytes. Reading the Status Register will also provide this information. Constants can readily be located and changed during the programming process. The current contents of R 6 is pushed onto the stack.

A byte is latched into the register in a high to low transi- tion of the strobe pulse and generates a service request.