Martínez Ramos C, Sanz López R, Cabezón Gil, Cerdán Carbonero M. Ambulatorización de la colecistectomía laparoscópica. Cir May Amb ; 9: 8. Many translated example sentences containing “colecistectomía laparoscópica” – English-Spanish dictionary and search engine for English translations. Publisher: La colecistectomía laparoscópica es la cirugía realizada con más frecuencia. La tasa de lesión en la vía biliar impulsa para implementar métodos de.

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The majority of these patients were admitted to Hospital for “social” reasons refusal of patient or relatives or because the intervention had finished after 5 p. Am J Surg ; 6: Cir Esp ; In any case LC is no doubt an excellent procedure, currently the gold-standard in the treatment of symptomatic cholelithiasis, which may be performed as MOS in a high number of patients. However, it should be noted that scientific evidence supporting its superiority versus traditional cholecystectomy as based upon controlled randomized studies is pretty scant, regardless its wide acceptance by the health-care community and patients as well.

Postoperative period controlled by protocol, including phone calls after cholecystectomy.

Its feasibility has been demonstrated in all settings and differing countries with rather similar results Dig Liver Dis ; 35 Supl. Laparoscopic cholecystectomy in the colecostectomia of biliary lithiasis: Comprehensive information and patient individualization are efficient and valid measures to prevent admissions for social reasons doubt and insecurity of patients at discharge.

Randomized trial of periportal colrcistectomia bupivacaine for pain relief after laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Discussion The advent colecustectomia development of surgery in “fast track” regimens 7 and the manipulation of factors influencing postoperative immediate recovery anesthetic technique poor in opiates, administration of NSAIDs, anti-emetic prevention, and multimodal analgesia have allowed the possibility of developing and implementing an “ambulatorization” in several surgical processes where this had been previously impossible.


All these patients were potential candidates for outpatient treatment. The level of complexity of procedures that can be carried out in a DSU is increasing.

[Photographic documentation during safe laparoscopic cholecystectomy].

The term DSU combines processes complementary to surgery performed using any type of anesthesia that require less intensive postoperative care and are of short duration; therefore patients do not need to stay in the hospital and can be discharged a few hours after the procedure 1.

Individualization is laparoscpifa for the preoperative management of ambulatory LC.

Whereas Vieira et al. On the other hand, the intraoperative time of LC has been diminishing progressively, and is shorter in simple cases than that of traditional surgery. Quality of life GIQLI and laparoscopic cholecystectomy usefulness in patients with gallbladder dysfunction or chronic non-lithiasic biliary pain chronic acalculous cholecystitis. Reddick and Olsen contributed the concept of ambulatory LC in 3.

The anesthetic team was always the same. Incidents and complications arose in 9 patients Some authors have come to the conclusion that patients most likely to fulfill the criteria of outpatient LC are those who have an anesthetic preoperative classification of ASA I or II, with no previous abdominal surgery, no history of acute cholecystitis episodes, and a procedure duration shorter than 90 minutes 3,14, This evidence regarding a generally benign postoperative period led to consider that this technique could be performed on an outpatient basis with no overnight hospital stay, in a search for cost savings, either institutional or private, in each procedure.


Also relevant are the availability of a functioning well-developed follow-up system 17including complication identification via the telephone oclecistectomia their solution by a surgeon.

On the other hand, potential cholecystitis or post-cholecystitis sequelae -which are often colcistectomia to predict- may render this procedure more complex. Lastly, it is necessary that discharge, and the knowledge of how to continue recovery at home, is accepted by the patient, and instructions to follow must be very clearly laid out for both patients and their families.

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Hospital 12 de Octubre. In our case, we present a patient with a subphrenic collection that was detected with fever and pain in the right hypochondrium the fourth postoperative day, and which solved with endovenous antibiotic treatment with no need for percutaneous therapy. In this regard information provided by Planells et al. Surg Laparosc Endosc ; 1: The percentage of complications in the initially ambulatory patients was In fact, initial distrust regarding this way of surgery has led to a careful analysis of its results which we are convinced was unparalleled before for surgical techniques.

In general, events emerging in the early postoperative period can be considered a statistically significant determinant for patient admission.

Average duration of general anesthesia was Outpatient laparoscopic laser cholecystectomy. On the contrary, 51 patients needed an overnight stay, which represents