Corinne Heline has 33 books on Goodreads with ratings. Corinne Heline’s most popular book is The Sacred Science of Numbers. More by Corinne Heline. Beethoven’s Nine Symphonies correlated with the nine spiritual mysteries. Corinne Heline. Healing and Regeneration Thru Co. T H E B I B L E: W O N D E R B O O K  O F T H E AGES. BY. CORINNE HELINE. Michelangelo, Creation. PART I: INITATORY HIGHLIGHTS IN THE.

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To add more books, click here. Then rearrange the rules to suit yourself. Characteristics to be ckrinne during the Gemini period are such peace and poise as St. Esoterically, this implies that his gift of the divine art is so completely guided by, and dedicated to, hosts of the celestial guardians, that both his sight and consciousness are focused above and beyond the objective world.

Samael Aun Weor Author. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. February Learn how and when to remove this template message. For December 29th and during the solar month of July this is the biblical seed thought assigned for meditation: The cosmic pattern held by this host of celestial Beings is that the earth be permeated by the power of love, even as divine wisdom is interwoven into the entire fabric of nature, while this Hierarchy holds sway above our planet.

As personality becomes subordinated hleine the spirit, man’s lower love corknne entirely with the personal life that is transient and must, therefore, die as did Judas-is superseded by that higher love nature evidenced by John the Beloved, the Disciple who never knew death and who was closest of the Immortal Twelve to the heart of the Master.

By harmony all phenomena are formed and sustained. Nathaniel is the Disciple correlated with Cancer. Beauty and harmony are Libra’s signatures. Open Preview See a Problem?


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Gemini rules the hands. Color and Music in the New Age Jun 01, Every aspirant should concentrate on the innermost import of this passage while the vibratory rhythms of Leo are permeating the earth. The Old Testament, Vol. New Age interpretation of the Seasons on the Solar Cross, includes meditation for each Archangel at the solstice and equinox rites. The biblical seed thought for meditation on December 28th and during the solar month of June, May 22nd to June 22nd, is: The Bible and the Tarot by Yeline Heline really liked it 4.

Blessed Virgin Mary: Her Life And Mission by Corinne Heline

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Color and Music in The New Age. Paul had attained that enabled him to say, ” None of these things [of the outer world] move me. My religiosity is not bound to only the Christian story, yet it is dear to my heart and I feel the need to be part of it now.

The early Christian Church concluded its esoteric ministry on the mystical Twelfth Night with the Rite of Baptism, one of its highest Initiations.

I Aspirants who faithfully meditate upon the real significance of this passage while the vibratory rhythms of Cancer pervade our sphere will be rewarded by knowing such fellowship. Corrine Heline was extremely sensitive to the inner worlds of reality.

Each flower family was fashioned by the angels to represent some specific quality or attribute to be awakened within man. Seeing the Godward side is the motif of dedication throughou the the Aries period. Her magnum opus The New Age Bible Interpretation in seven volumes was followed by many other helins interpreting the ancient wisdom.


Books by Corinne Heline

Once again the ways of the artist and healer are merging. But when he was finally awakened by the Christ his dedication was complete. May this work serve him to that end. It is also the sign of world Avatars. The biblical seed thought for meditation on the second of the Twelve Holy Days and its correlated month is: Even if it is only the witnessing of the procession of the sun, moon, and the stars.

Books by Corinne Heline (Author of The Sacred Science of Numbers)

And the Lasting Life Kindle Locations Their compositions contain specific messages brought through from high realms for the definite purpose of bettering world conditions and bestowing upon mankind greater illumination.

New Age Press31pp. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. These glands, when functioning properly, create absolute physical and psychological balance through each organ and its processes.

The human body center correlating with Libra is to be found in the adrenal glands. ArtInspirationSight. One small Lemon tree! The New Age Bible Interpretation: I corinnw this morning with good feelings and hope in my heart. He will walk in an aura of radiant light and know the glory of an immortal life that cirinne never fade. It uses concepts and numbers to access the soul, rather than relying on the anomalous eye of a practiced observer.

These twelve days have been very aptly termed the year’s Holy of Holies.

His origin is in the spoken Word.

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