ANÁLISIS DE CRECIMIENTO DEL FRUTO DE GULUPA (Passiflora edulis el desarrollo del cultivo, es la modelación matemática del crecimiento del fruto, que . Desempeño fotosintético y potencial hídrico foliar de gulupa (Passiflora edulis Hasta el momento, el cultivo se ha extendido a través del país por medio de. By Cultivo de Gulupa · Updated about 4 years ago · Taken in Villarrica, Tolima. Cultivo Gulupa bajo cubierta, Gulupa con semitecho, Gulupa con plástico.

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In accordance with the results of the current study, Shiomi et al. The use of light by the photosynthetic apparatus is measured through chlorophyll fluorescence, allowing for the understanding of processes such as the photoinhibition gulupq by excess radiation that affects photosystems, causing chronic or dynamic damage Aro et al.

Stomatal conductance and photosynthesis vary linearly with plant hydraulic conductance in ponderosa pine. The photosynthetic rates in Tena are principally limited by the low average radiation Fig. Growth dynamics, fruit development, tropical fruits, Passifloraceae.

Annu Rev Plant Biol. Can improvement in photosynthesis increase crop yields?

Cultivo de GUlupa con fertilizantes orgánicos Bioxinis y Avisana

Aust Re Plant Physiol. As can be seen in Figure 1photosynthetically cutlivo radiation in Granada and Tena registered a tendency to increase in the morning hours and decrease at midday.

This indicates that growth takes place mainly during the first month. Leaf gas exchange in the frankincense tree Boswellia papyfera of African dry woodlands.

RGR was used to identify and describe fruit growth stages, while the TT was employed as a complementary measure to compare fruit ripening stages.

At about 20 DAF, growth rate starts to decline and continues very low until ripening. Inactivation, protein damage and turnover.

practicas en el cultivo de gulupa by tania saldarriaga on Prezi

The soil of Chia and Granada registered similar moisture content between 0. Nevertheless, if the average radiation of Granada Fig. Destructive samplings were carried out every seven days for a period of 16 weeks, starting on 7 DAF, cultivvo finishing on.

  ISO 16750-4 PDF

Despite the fact that the VPD in Tena was not critical during the day, it increases to 0.

Cultivo de gulupa con fertilizantes orgánicos Bioxinis y Avisana

An important contribution to the development of this crop is fruit growth mathematical modeling, which allows estimating harvest related issues, in order to define applicable agronomic management protocols. The results in the flowering stage are related to the fact that a high night temperature increases A max because it increases the strength of the carbohydrate cultifo due to the increase in respiration in darkness that reduces the concentration of carbohydrates in the leaves Turnbull et al.

Dynamic changes in hydraulic conductivity in petioles of two savanna tree species: Maxwell K, Johnson GN.

Despite the fact that studies on topics such as phytopatology and postharvest physiology have increased, ecophysiological studies are scarce and most of them have been conducted under controlled conditions with passiflora hybrids. Among them, purple passion fruit Passiflora edulis Sims exists, most of which production is currently exported, amounting 3, t intraded for an FOB value of U. Experimental plots were gulupz with gulupa plants at a distance of 6×3 m, in three different locations in cultuvo Department of Cundinamarca: Gulupa, Passiflora edulis Sims Passifloraceaeis an cultiv fruit due to its organoleptic and nutritional characteristics and its demand in the international market; however, very few studies have been conducted for studying its Ecophysiology.

Other authors have described this same parameter through different models. The curves were adjusted by regression to a rectangular hyperbolic model Mielke et al.

Seasonal and diurnal changes in photosynthesis and carbon partitioning in Vitis vinifera leaves in vines with and without fruit.

Granada presented a lower VPD during the day 0. Equatorial diameter was taken along the widest belt of the fruit. Base-age in variant polymorphic site curves. Mangosteen to white sapote.

CULTIVO DE GULUPA by Yuly Andrea Castaño on Prezi

The sigmoid growth pattern of the Passifloraceae has been described by Arjona et al. Additionally, the changing radiation conditions during the day, connected to the breaks provided by mist, caused instantaneous changes in other variables, such as temperature and humidity, to which the plants could not immediately respond because they need time guoupa recover CO 2 uptake when radiation decreases Long et al.


Gabriela, under greenhouse conditions and defined agronomic management. For each response, the best fitting model was chosen according to homogeneous distribution of residuals, higher coefficient of determination for prediction R 2 predictionand smaller Mean Square Error and PRESS values. Meanwhile, in Chia, the hours of higher radiation were registered at midday. This indicates a high gulupaa capacity cultuvo light use by photosystem II in Granada, which is connected to a high efficiency in the conversion of light intercepted to the biomass, resulting from a high recuperation by photoprotection Long et al.

Finally, Rojas et al. High vapour pressure deficit exacerbates xylem cavitation and photoinhibition in shade-grown Piper auritum H. Growth and composition of passion fruit Passiflora edulis and gupupa P. Damage components of powdery mildew in winter wheat.

The slight changes in stomatal conductance were related to changes in the water potential, which were more evident in Granada. Integrated development environment for R [Software] Version 0. In fultivo case, disease progress rate is proportional to initial inoculum amount and progress rate, both assumed to be constant. The photosynthetic capacity was lower in Chia hulupa the two evaluated stages, a product of the low temperatures because in general, tropical species are vulnerable to temperature decreases Crawford, Postharvest biology and technology cultivp tropical and subtropical fruits.

The climate corresponds to a Lower Montane Rain Forest. This parameter addresses dry weight increment per initial weight unit along a given time period. Spanish pdf Article in xml format Article references How to cite this article Automatic translation Send this article by e-mail. Polar PD and equatorial ED diameters.

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