The Project Gutenberg EBook of Der Fliegende Holländer, by Richard Wagner The German libretto alone, without parallel translation, is available from Project. The Flying Dutchman (Der Fliegende Hollander): Libretto (English and German Edition) [Richard Wagner] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers . Uncompleted operas. Der fliegende Holländer (The Flying Dutchman) is an opera, with music and libretto by Richard Wagner. Read more on Wikipedia.

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When you are done reading, click the ‘Stop and calculate’ button. You stars above, cease your course! ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Serial Would you destroy me? Listen to its warning! Like an arrow he flies, without aim, without rest, without peace!

You just stay indoors! A moment later, the Dutchman himself stands before the girl. You doubt whether I care for you?

Toggle navigation Menu Reading Length. You spend less time reading the sub-title screen and more time enjoying the performance. Thank you, dear neighbours! Today let all rejoice!

Almighty God, let this which elevates me be the strength of fidelity. I’ll let them rest awhile, then follow on. O say, what stirs in you such sorrows? The sea occupies the greater part of the stage: My ship is filled with treasure. Having put their spinning-wheels aside, the girls move their seats nearer to the armchair and group themselves round Senta. A seaman he is, like me, he asks to be our guest. DALAND Indeed, stranger, I have a fair daughter, devoted to me in true filial love; she is my pride, my most precious possession, my comfort in sorrow, my joy in happiness.


Pray Heaven, that soon a wife will keep faith Tell me, where do you come from? Can’t wait to see this one.

Der Fliegende Holländer | Richard Wagner |

In bitter gale and raging storm, he once tried to round a cape; he cursed, in mad fury, and swore: My lass longs for me. Complete music on 2 cds, complete libretto, history of composer, history on this opera, historical performance notes Stay where you are!

Horrible portrait, out you go as soon as her father comes home! That’s the very image of his ship you see!

The Dutchman comes ashore, wearing black clothing. At anchor every seven years, a wife to woo he goes ashore: Your father is home, before he sails again, he will do what he has often wanted to.

Senta, overcome by her emotion, sinks back in her chair; the girls, after a pause, continue the song softly. Today shall everyone rejoice! You are in Satan’s clutches!

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They invite the Dutchman’s crew to join them but are frightened away by the ghostly crew’s weird chanting. Daland produces some fliegdnde and shows it to Senta See this bracelet, these clasps! After this the former deathlike silence suddenly falls librehto their ship again; in a moment, air and sea become calm, as before. Daland produces some jewellery and shows it to his daughter. ERIK You would fly from me?


Towards the end of the stanza Senta turns to the picture. The Dutchman makes a gesture of assent. Seven miles the storm has driven us off from safe haven. He stands before me, his features lined with sorrow, his unspoken grief speaks to me: How busily they spin! Not a trace of the crew! I hollandwr leave you. When you put your arm around my neck did you not confess your love anew? It’s impossible, I think, to name all the countries where I’ve been; the only one for which I yearn I never find, my homeland!

ERIK What sacred duty? Do you want to make me really angry? Seek a blond maiden’s hand! Mary and the girls are seated round the hearth, spinning.

SENTA after her outburst of excitement remains where she is, sunk in silent meditation, her eyes fixed on the portrait: Hurry in to the bay!