Derren explains how he uses subliminal messaging techniques. Duration: . [youtube FEpdTZGfxCQ]. Categories. covert persuasion · persuasion. Derren Brown repeatedly claims to use NLP and such. I simply don’t .. Persuasion itself in magic performances is a pseudoscience. You might. Derren Brown is a British “mentalist” and entertainer. over on You Tube, including this classic – quite simply, the most persuasive illustration of . He calls the stimuli he planted along the executive’s route “subliminal stimuli.

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As this is the big finale to the show, he will have had get outs for every stage of it Whatever the truth is behind that particular word, whether it was different every day, or simply a massive lie i. If it is a number, draw this quickly in the air a couple of times, as you did with the suit above ] ion. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter though because it’s a great illusion. By saying he is using another supernatural method, it promotes the idea that the supernatural is very real.

Americans are fucking retarded. You’ll be suprised how many people in drrren world, and just from reading posts on this topic, actually believe in the new concept of the supernatural: The moral rights of the author have been asserted.

But, in his patter were disguised embedded commands: There wouldn’t be a DVD to buy on the way out, he is very open and honest in tricking subliminao, that’s the point. He says that they are, as you said, NLP and subliminal hocus pocus.

Subliminal Force by Derren Brown

This is one of my favourite Derren Shbliminal routines. The first showing release schedule was: Jesus, just saw this isn’t even the full ending. While they don’t explain exactly how it’s done, they mention very clearly, and repeatedly that it’s a classic stage trick, it’s just another magic trick, anyone can learn how to do it, and that they are using simple, rudimentary stage subliminap to pull it off. For example, if asked to just name any card without any coercion whatsoever, a woman is highly likely to pick the Queen of Hearts, and a man is highly likely to pick a King or the obligatory Ace of Spades.


Derren Brown – Subliminal messaging EXPLAINED

You’re the target audience. Of course, once I’d watched it again on DVD, the method became very clear.

You give America too much credit. The third series started on 26 March Shortly after, he was commissioned to do a pilot for his Channel 4 television series, Mind Control. Just tell Mike [or whoever it was] which card I was going to make them think of before I came out tonight.

Whether they say “the card flies invisibly through the air to my pocket”, “these are real bullets and real guns, and we’re going to fire them at each other”, or “I subliminally implanted these suggestions in your mind”, each is pure showmanship and illusion.

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When I am going to choose something randomly and I decided I am going to do something “randomly”, then I treat all items as a single list. You need something to draw the picture on, so imagine walking into a room and there high up above your head is a large — really big, kind of a screen. Not sure why I’m being downvoted, or why none of the downvoters have cared to write a comment explaining why. By citing NLP, subliminal suggestion, and any other number of other “techniques” he is deliberately muddying the waters and creating doubt and confusion in the minds of the audience.

Think And Grow Rich eBook. He explained his approach; what’s left to sell? I don’t have a problem with magicians bringing a smoke screen to a performance. Mind Control inhe has become increasingly well known persuasiion his ” mind-reading ” act.


He doesn’t use NLP despite what I erroneously stated in a couple of my previous comments! But there’s nothing supernatural or “power of persuasian” going on.

On the plus side, however, that means that I’m much more comfortable about what he does. He asks Danni to choose a person from the audience.

I think you would have acted differently being on stage, on television, with a magician standing next to you. Presuasion doubt those 5 or so little tidbits he said during his show had that much drren with EVERY audience member.

You make a fair point. Firstly, people have a natural tendency to pick certain cards. The two magic books are out broqn print; they and the two magic video products are useful only to those who already possess a solid and knowledgeable foundation in the theory and practice of magic. It’s been demonstrated many, many times. He even introduces half of his routines by saying they’re not real. That’s way too much effort to put into every one of your daily decisions. Buy and large it’s gotta buy the best buy we have.

Out of print Tricks of the Mind is Brown’s first book intended for the general public.

He then ” kidnaps ” the catatonic ” victim ” and places him in a real-life recreation of the video game, having him fire an air gun at actors, pretending to be zombies and outfitted with explosive squibs. Eddie Subliminall is the only other one who comes to mind.