Well, sorry for my no correct English, but I will try to explain that the famous Concerto in A major by Dragonetti, was written by Edoard Nanny and edited from . Domenico Carlo Maria Dragonetti (7 April – 16 April ) was an Italian double bass . “Ever since the publication by Leduc () of [the concerto in A major] there has been a question concerning its true authorship. It is now generally. “The Dragonetti Concerto (secretly by Edouard Nanny) is one of the most popular pieces in the student bassist’s repertoire. It’s a fun romp across the positions.

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By that time he had become notable throughout Europe and had turned down several opportunities, including offers from the Tsar of Russia.

Category:Dragonetti, Domenico – IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library: Free Public Domain Sheet Music

He was now – in the spring ofso far as the means are at hand of determining the time – returning to London from a visit to his native city, Venice, and his route took him to Vienna, where he remained several weeks.

InJoseph Haydn accepted a lucrative offer from German impresario Johann Peter Salomon to visit England and dragonehti new symphonies with large orchestras. Dragonetti was a lover of the fine arts, and a collector of musical instruments as well as many art-related articles, such as original scores and paintings. For a new and authentic history ij the classic bass!!! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

It was particularly important at a time when the role of the conccerto bass in the orchestra was to assist the concertmaster in maintaining the cohesion and establishing the tempo. With the name of Dragonetti the Concerto was very different for the market.

Domenico Dragonetti – Wikipedia

I have told you that the first in absolute in all over the world to record the original one has been Stefano SCIASCIA thanks to a microfilm and adding only two horns and dragonwtti bassons. Dragonetti, the italian virtuoso, written a lot of concerts but we have only some fragments or probably but it’s difficult we can imagine that he preferred to write in that way.


In the Palmer biography, a footnote refers to a account by C. It’s easy to find it.

Liben Publishers,piano score p. This operation is majr to demonstrate of the theory that I consider. I have also told you some little secrets between Nanny and his editor Stuar Sankey. Retrieved from ” https: Contrabbasso di viola da Gamba. Where to find it.

In example don’t play every G maojr the fourth string: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This was not at all standard in these times, as most players used to play – in one position – one note with the index finger, and one with the other three fingers in combination. Some of the compositions by Dragonetti include. Beethoven played his part, with his eyes immovably fixed upon his companion, and, in the finale, where the arpeggios occur, was so delighted and excited that at the close he sprang up and threw his arms around both player and instrument”.

On that second trip he became friends with composer Simon Sechterwho would become the court organist inand professor of composition at the Vienna Conservatorium in Well, sorry for my no correct English, but I will try to explain that the famous Concerto in A major by Dragonetti, was written by Edoard Nanny and edited from Sankey.

In fifty years, he became a prominent figure in the musical events of the Majof capital, performing at the concerts of the Philharmonic Society of London as well as in more private events, where he would meet the most influential persons in the country, like the Prince Consort and the Duke of Leinster.

But it’s correct that the double bass was borned when “composers” decided to enlarge the low frequencies. He was acquainted with composers Joseph Haydn and Dragojetti van Beethovenwhom he visited on several occasions majjor Viennaand to whom he showed the possibilities of the double bass as a solo dragohetti.

In the Cocnerto Museum probably you can find other 8 Concertos by Dragonetti, but they are incomplete or simply fragments. One of his concertos was particularly remarked by the queen of Naples. The visit was a huge success and generated some of his best known work.


They even granted him a leave for a year, with a continuation in his wages, to go to the King’s Theatre in London. Well, when we talk about the history of The Double Bass it’s better to change instrument, because also today the great historicals prefer to take different point for starting and then they reach their final considerations that are always at odds with each other.

By the way go here if you have some difficulties: Composerdouble bassistpedagogue. But after comparison the different works a double bass had to be three meters high He is also remembered today for the Dragonetti bowwhich he evolved throughout his life. There are some mistakes in Malaric one, drayonetti at the end he has been a very good work.


Javascript is disable – http: After only a few months, he became very famous in London, and his brilliant career was to last till the end. When he died, the following instruments were dispatched: Nanny has no never written a “concertone”, at least a “concertino”. Informativa sui cookie Ok. Obviously, cpncerto “State” has follow his own way. The physical quality is his huge hand: Now the Double Bass majoor borned”. This page was last edited on 8 Augustat The premiere of this work, as well as of Beethoven’s seventh symphony was performed on 8 December in the University’s Festsaal, with Dragonetti leading the double basses.

Views Read Edit View history. Domenico Dragonetti -Read also other her works. Because of Dragonetti’s unprecedented virtuosity as a soloist, attractive offers of work were made from both London and Moscow.