View and Download DUALphone user manual online. DUALphone User Guide. Telephone pdf manual download. Dualphone User Manual – Read more about dualphone, manual and voip- Gigaset AH Udser Manual (pdf) – VoIP Talk ยท RTX Dualphone – All-in-One Cordless Skype and Landline Phone – No PC Required Manual and automatic sign-in to Skype account.

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The base station has two inputs on its rear, one connecting a standard RJ Ethernet cable to your modem or router, and the other dualphine standard RJ telephone line jack.

Set privacy for calls You. Press to end the call. Silent mode is active. Dialling a Skype or landline call is the same process; users simply dial the phone number, press the answer call button and then use majual five way navigational pad to select either “Dial on SkypeOut” or “Dial on landline”. Page 77 probLem i experience a bad sound quality during Skype calls.

When you are in text editor, provides a symbol table. Phone Settings Phone settings tones You. Settings Settings for call divert, privacy, sounds, time and date, manage blocked users, cordless settings, phone settings, information and advanced settings. You can also view their personal profile details. Setup is as simple as connecting all the appropriate cords and plugging both the base station and the charging cradle into AC power.


RTX DUALPhone 3088

Dualphoone DUALphone’s user interface is excellent, with clearly marked menus and coloured backgrounds. All forms of c or reproduction of the product or its associated user manual are strictly prohibited. You can use any mix of upper- and lower-case characters, numbers and punctuation marks.

If I put it into the craddle the red light of the cradle shows the phone is correctly connected but it is completely dead even with fresh batteries. Furthermore, you can use your phone for landline telephony.

Dial a landline number To. The DUALphone consists of three main parts; a phone, a charging cradle and a base station. Choose one of the following options: Call a Skype contact. Skype names can be characters.

DUALphone 3088 User Manual

Add a Skypeout or landline contact To. Page 53 9 Automatic. How The Manual Is Djalphone 1. This takes approximately 6 hours.

Would you buy this? Got it, continue to print. You are asked to confirm the password by entering it again. Calling echo will launch an automated testing robot that allows you to record and play back sound. Listen to your voicemail Callers. When in call, ends a call.

Dial Outgoing Calls example two: Short cut to outgoing calls. Skype Page 14 – Skype. Pros Doesn’t require a PC, user interface and ease of setup, automatically downloads Skype contacts, entry telephone book, decent in-call quality for both landline and Skype calls, can switch between a Skype and landline call, excellent user manual.


The user can accept or decline the request. Search for Skype users. Support Information – Section 3 N Please. It’s a community-based project which helps to duallhone anything. Add a SkypeOut or landline contact. This process is as easy as typing in a username and password, accepting the Skype agreement and signing into your account.


Our only complaint with the design is that the keys aren’t backlit, and the fact that there is no “locate handset” button on the charging cradle. Skype protects the privacy of its users by requiring exchange contact details on names that you wish to add to your contact list. Both dualphhone base station and the charging cradle use an AC power adapter. Battery status Indicates the status of the battery.

Skype Voicemail Skype Voicemail allows you to send and receive voicemail messages and record a greeting. Skype conference call The.

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