Remuz Role-playing game archive. Powered by h5ai v Everway – Character , , KB. file, Everway – Game Master Guide. Like the title says: It is my experience that Everway doesn’t work. If one were able to macro-analyse all instances of RPG play since the. Buy Everway Visionary Roleplaying: Toys & Games – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

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Seriously, though, you’re absolutely right. Is the PC being all ass-kicky against the demon?

Everway – Wikipedia

I mean, my God, you’d show up and play the fuck out of that game, wouldn’t you? Forum Software Powered by Vanilla. The use of cards with free interpretation as a basis for character generation is pretty cool and functional. Wouldn’t be much to playing the game if you didn’t make any choices now and then, would there? So don’t necessarily fall for Everway’s GM-centric approach to resolution. That said, the GM advice in Everway already seems to regard them as integrated, in that everything is GM fiat Drama until the GM doesn’t know what the hell is going to happen next, at which point players start describing what they’re doing and the GM compares the relevant character stats Karma to determine what the likely outcome is, throwing a card and reading it Fortune to confirm or deny that judgment as desired.

Sorry, I was just being hyperbolic with When the scary monster appears, the player decides to swing his sword synecdochical for fighting it ; he could just as well have said, “I run away!

Or maybe the player just comes up with some crazy awesome move that no one knows how to deal with.


The game’s rules suggest listing examples of what the magic system can do at each power level, working these out with the GM. Everway GMing is about judgment calls like this. The trick is that something needs to happen in play to provide sufficient narrative detail that in juxtaposition with the cards gives the interpreter something to work with.

[Everway] doesn’t work

Your synopses above no challenge, no progress, no chance are way, way off the mark as far as playing Everway goes. But the first and third go to the heart of my problems with Everway. Surely there must, in this swingin’ multi-culti game, be a way for a player’s contribution to be backed up with some Drama-derived authority other than GM fiat Shit, I have a problem with that, too.

Except we’re not comparing numbers, we’re playing a roleplaying game. In my experience, Drama resolution can also involve consensus building among the group about what should happen next. I just need a sense of where you’re coming from. However, I think this oft-repeated conception that consensus “seldom leads to surprising or unexpected results” or is “particularly fragile” doesn’t really match with my recent play experiences.

[Everway] doesn’t work – Story Games

It’s hanging by its claws from the lip of the pit! In fact, the proprietor might let you go down there and take one if you are brave enough to descend in the Caverns of Madness, and clever enough to find it. Suppose I throw “Nature Life Energy ,” which reminds me of the tenacity of life.

December edited December I bought the box at the Compleat Strategist in New York City when I was in town for a scholarly conference–the same conference I presented a version of my Diplomacy paper at, in fact.

I can only speak for what happened when I played, although I don’t imagine my experience was unique. Just as it’s about to catch you, this guy”–another PC–“shows rgp and puts an arrow through its eye. The resolution comes with what I do with that choice I’m the GM.


A hero wanting access to magic, as opposed to a few specific Powers, must design their own magic system. You pick numbers for things according to that guide.

If you want to totally forgo the “We follow the GM’s plot” route, you could give each player a hand of those Vision cards and go around the table, with each player getting a chance to throw a Vision card and use it to start the next scene, describing the characters entrance upon the scene.

Like other works by Jonathan Tweetthe rules are very simple and flexible. The authors gave significant thought to anthropology by describing how the people of various spheres live, including many similarities across cultures.

A “Winning Smile” that makes the hero likable is worth 0 points because of its trivial evsrway, while a “Charming Song” that inspires one emotion when played might be useful enough to count as Frequent 1 point.

Then again, I could totally see a toy-like game where the players actually never made any resolution choices – all choices would involve setting up the game-state before letting it run to its conclusion.

Everway also came out before it had a chance to benefit from the lessons learned from games like, well, itself. The player does something to change the situation and try rrpg get an advantage.