Psychometric validation of Fuld Object Memory Evaluation in older adults with cognitive impairments. Ho RTH(1)(2)(3), Fong TCT(1)(2), Hon. OBJECTIVES: Fuld Object Memory Evaluation (FOME) evaluates the episodic memory functions of encoding, storage, and recall across five recall trials and a. In this study the authors investigated the usefulness of the Fuld Object-Memory Evaluation (OME) as a culture-fair screen for dementia. Because the OME uses.

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Table 1 shows the socio-demographic characteristics of the sample. Deficits in memory fulc, especially in episodic long-term memory, have the highest sensibility for the neuropsychological diagnosis of dementia 1 and amnestic mild cognitive impairment MCI. Neuropsychological assessment of psychogeriatric patients with limited education. The Fuld Object-Memory Evaluation FOME uses multisensory tactile, visual, and verbal encoding of objects for assessing memory, with particular clinical and research application in older adults.

Subsequently, the districts were divided into three groups, and a district that was representative of each socioeconomic objext was chosen to represent the upper, middle and lower group. The influence of age and education on the FOME performance was also estimated.

Normative data and construct validity of the rey auditory verbal learning test in a Brazilian elderly population. Our results regarding memory are in accordance with previous findings from Brazilian studies, which also showed the influence of education and age on episodic memory tests.

One of the most frequent and substantial complaints regarding cognition in the older population is related to changes in memory. We conclude that gender, education and age had effect on the Fuld Object Memory Evaluation performance in this Brazilian community-based sample.

The data collected during the test are classified as follows: The normative sample consisted of 2, older subjects with normal cognitive performance selected as part of a two-phase epidemiological study to investigate the prevalence of dementia in a community-based sample in Sao Paulo and Ribeirao Preto, Brazil.

Normative data of Fuld Object Memory Evaluation test for brazilian elderly population

METHOD The normative sample consisted of 2, evalustion subjects with normal cognitive performance selected as part of a two-phase epidemiological study to investigate the prevalence of dementia in a community-based sample in Sao Paulo and Ribeirao Preto, Brazil.


Results Statistical analyses showed that memory scores tend to improve significantly with increasing years of education and decrease significantly as age increased. The psychometric properties and the discriminative fulc of FOME were examined in a convenience sample of community-dwelling older individuals, of which 57 were diagnosed with dementia.

The same influence was documented in the normative data of the word list test with a health elderly sample, but again, no influence of sex was reported This strategy aimed to evaluate a sample containing city districts that represent the area universe context of elderly individuals living in Sao Paulo and Ribeirao Preto. The statistical analysis was based on the crude means evalution standard deviations SD of the FOME scores and on the frequencies and percentages of socio-demographic variables.

Int J Geriatr Psychiatry. Conclusion We conclude that gender, objct and age had effect on the Fuld Object Memory Evaluation performance in this Brazilian community-based sample.

Clinical validity of Fuld Object Memory Evaluation to screen for dementia in a Chinese society.

Normality of distribution was verified using the Kolmogorov-Smirnov test. A flexible and beneficial instrument to assess memory would provide a better ability to aid in the early diagnosis of dementia, especially if the instrument is not very long or difficult and has instructions that are easy to understand.

We analysed the performance of a Brazilian community-based sample of older subjects drawn from two Brazilian cities on evaluwtion FOME test. Age differences in fluid and crystallized intelligence.

Initially, the 96 city districts were ranked from the wealthiest to the poorest according to data from the Census, provided by IBGE. Results of this preliminary study provide evidence for the comparability and construct validity of a new alternate form of the FOME with prior forms.

It has been incorporated in dementia research in different countries in populations with different durations of formal education as a measure of overall recall because it has simple instructions and seems easier to the patients because they touch and see the objects that must be memorised, and the objects are very simple and well known 45678.

A different reaction is frequently observed evaulation word list tests, in that patients sometimes refuse to perform them. Fuld Object Memory Evaluation The FOME is an instrument used to evaluate several components of learning and memory in elderly people, and it also provides information about obejct recognition, right-left discrimination, and verbal fluency.


All individuals with positive screenings for dementia and depression and a random sample of negative screenings were invited for the second phase, where clinical evaluation and diagnosis were achieved by the consensus of at least two physicians and consistency with the DSM-IV American Psychiatric Association, 19 criteria for psychiatric diagnosis.

To identify the simultaneous effect of education, age and sex on the FOME scores, a multiple linear regression analysis was performed and is displayed in Table 6. All subjects considered negative after screenings in the community phase and all subjects evaluated in the second phase who were considered free of psychiatric diagnoses were considered for the present investigation.

Generally, aging affects fluid intelligence, including episodic memory 23and the fyld of education on cognition is already well documented in the literature In the first phase of this study, subjects were screened for dementia with a combination of cognitive tests and functional scales: Contagem populacional de This preliminary study reports the first known psychometric data on the development of an alternate form of the FOME.

After each recall, he is slowly and clearly reminded verbally of each item fulf in that trial, for a total of 5 trials.

The fuld object-memory evaluation: development and validation of an alternate form.

Normative data on cross-cultural neuropsychological tests obtained from Mandarin-speaking adults across the life span. Reliable change indexes indicate the new alternate form performs well, with minimal practice or learning effects. Performance of illiterate and literate nondemented elderly subjects in two tests of long-term memory. A clustered random sampling of a evaluwtion of individuals aged 60 years old and older from three different socioeconomic classes upper, middle and low was used, following official census data 11