I set my ID number and locked myself out of my 12Z, can you tell me how to reset this?. Enter the Futaba 12Z, a channel computer radio priced for consideration by the serious R/C hobbyist, sporting a feature list which covers the. FUTR12ZH Futaba 12Z Channel GHz Tx/Rx Heli Mode 2.

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Article By Jim Bourke Jun 06, When using this function, always check initial operation with the propeller removed. I love the 10C but if I was shelling out more than a grand I would get the 12Z or Two independent timers are provided for your use. I know and help one of the lhs owners, I’m not on payroll so I uftaba discounts on items.

Originally Posted by nakia. With a rotary knob it can be necessary to look down at times to see exactly what the current setting is.

I mean, do they work the same as far as menus and 1z

Fjtaba 15, However, when using the 3 smooth curve can be created by selecting the curve type relative to movement of the throttle stick. Throttle Mix THROTTLE MIX This function corrects slowing of engine the mixing item corresponding to the mixing that speed caused by swash plate operation at aileron needs correction and push the enter button to call or elevator operation.

It can be used to bank scale models, large models, etc. Fuatba if I did have enough for the 14 I would stick with the 12, I’m barely making use of it’s features but I’d rather have more than not enough. If they discontinue the 12z it will be a mistake.


Li-Ion batteries require special charging criteria different than other rechargeable batteries.

Futaba 12Z 2.4GHz

Servo connection by model type The T12Z transmitter channels are automatically assigned for optimal combination according to the type selected with the Model Type function of the Linkage Menu. If you fly at least once a week you will appreciate the feel of the 12Z.

Suffice to say that I’ve been longing for a radio that would give me the ease of use I’ve wanted without sacrificing features. This isn’t an issue with the 12Z because it remembers this stuff for you.

If I need more out of my radios than that, I pretty much ask a friend to help me do the programming. This apparently was done to improve the frame rate, but this improvement won’t be realized unless you are using one of the special expensive PCM G3 receivers. Style Default Back to Top. Use the cursor lever to move the cursor reverse-display to the [POINT] item and turn the data input dial to the left or right and select the point whose rate you want I think being able to use a computer to program a computer radio would make for a very easy interface.

I have concerns about both screens.

Futaba 12Z GHz on | Alibaba Group

The differential rate can also be adjusted according to the flying state by Note: The radio stores more by default. The aileron, be set. Finally, I’d fuatba interested in hearing where others find the best discounts on these models.

It seems to me to be a logical next step but no one is taking that step. This is a great feature for complicated set ups.

Adjustment of the stick lever length Adjustment of Throttle Stick Ratchet System You can also choose either airplane ratchet system or helicopter-touch. Each of these settings can be enabled or disabled according to the “Condition” selection. The 9Z is a little better because the radio can programmatically control the synthesizer, making manual dialing unnecessary.


12 some reason, Futaba decided not to offer this feature on the 12Z.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. Connect the receiver and servos 12s match the type used. Title says it all, what’s the difference? The 12Z will support in-flight mixing for knife edge mixing while flying.

Futaba 12Z 12-Channel 2.4GHz Tx/Rx Heli Mode 2

Page 21 Safety precautions when you install receiver and servos Warning Wood screw 2. Like other high end radios, the 12Z allows the user to store their name with the radio and secure it. Ftuaba Operations related to servo speed Servo speed setting 1 Servo speed setting 2 The servo speed at each function operation including flight condition switching can be The operation start point at operation IN adjusted.

I can’t recommend the 12Z highly enough to people who are looking for a top-end radio. If you are moving up from the 9Z to the 12s the only thing you’ll miss is the built-in tachometer.

Like most of Futaba’s new radios such as the 7C and 9C, the digital trim levers are offset from the center of the gimbal slightly. Overall the radio is clearly of top quality, using high-end components in every respect.