of India has sponsored the GRAMSAT programme, which is operating in Orissa. .. Satellite communication networks have been an indispensable part of most. Commissioned in , INSAT is the largest domestic communication system in the Asia This Gramsat satellite is carrying six to eight high powered C-band. Guided with these views a dedicated satellite called GramSat is being planned for rural development and tele-education in India. It is desirable that system.

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Since this is used for the first access attempt by users of the network, a random access scheme is used to aid in avoiding collisions.

What is GRAMSAT?

Television has been used to deliver training and information within businesses for more than 40 years. Housing, managing and operating the VRCs will rest with the associating agencies.

Advantage DTH also offers digital quality signals which do not degrade the picture or sound quality. Institution updates, news, training, meetings and other events can be broadcast live to multiple locations. The programme is primarily for school, college and higher levels of education and to iin non-formal education.

When working on an incident with a GPS receiver it is important to: The products derived from the image data include: However, the Gramsat projects have an appropriate combination of following activities.

The repository will be able to serve the needs of government, business and citizens at large.

GRAMSAT Satellites: Overview

The study was carried out in selected parts of the country in both hot and cold desert areas on 1: Short messages from user terminals are relayed through the satellite gramxat the hub and are automatically forwarded to the respective user headquarters via Fax or data links.

One such site is a fortified structure identified as Kotda archaeological site, which has been confirmed on ground by Directorate of Archaeology, Gujarat based on the pottery, copper coins, millstones, skulls, etc. Most of the maps and atlas satellife in different states are of symbolic in nature and the command boundaries and locations are only tentative lacking geographic correspondence. Kharif Rice acreage and production forecasts for Andhra Pradesh were 2.


Demonstrative studies on its utilisation have focused on land records metrology, land parcel mapping, city guide map updation, terrain parameter retrieval, base map generation, etc. Glaciers are emerging as first measurable indicators of global warming.

The DCWDS has been deployed with acknowledgement transmitters to get confirmation at transmitting station. The networks provide computer connectivity, data broadcasting, TV broadcasting facilities having applications like e-governance, National Resource Information System NRIS communicatino, development information, tele-conferencing, disaster management, telemedicine and distance education.

GRAMSAT Satellites: Overview

Snow and Glaciers studies includes glacial inventory of entire Himalayas on 1: They are positioned in an orbit approximately km from the surface of the earth They complete one orbit every 90 minutes The large majority of satellites are in low earth orbit The Iridium system utilizes LEO satellites km high The satellite in LEO orbit is visible to a point on the earth for a very short time.

This project uses IRS images to prepare natural resources information layers at 1: They are commonly used in navigation systems such as GPS.

Precise location of satellites When a GPS receiver is first turned on, it downloads orbit information from all the satellites called an almanac. Set up GPS receiver according to incident or agency standard regulation; coordinate system. BTV is commnuication increasingly popular method of information delivery for corporations and institutions.

Space Segment — Satellites orbiting the earth consists of 29 satellites circling the earth every 12 hours at 12, miles in altitude. In Andaman and Nicobar the network is currently serving seven islands through eight nodes. Exact delineation of command boundaries using multitemporal satellite data crop extent and satellitf of canal network are also envisaged in this project. A total of five school networks Chamarajanagar and Gulbarga in Karnataka, Sidhi in Madhya Pradesh, Mallapuram in Kerala and Lakshadweep have been proposed of which two are operational and three are under implementation.

The teaching-end includes a studio and uplink facility for transmitting live or pre-recorded lectures. The Direct Receive System gra,sat consists of more than 4, classrooms spread over the country.


The time has a precision of better than one microsecond and accuracy of better than 20 microseconds.

Finally inDTH was allowed. Desertification Status map on 1: The highlights of the applications programme are given in the following paragraphs. At the same time, encapsulating these NR census maps and images into a GIS repository will enable instant availability of these maps for supporting developmental activities. The participants at the classrooms located nationwide receive lectures through simple dish antennas and have facility to interact with lecturers using telephone lines.

Some of the major application projects carried out during the year are highlighted in the following paragraphs. The task force will work out various aspects of implementing telemedicine in the country. Always have a compass and a map. GPS surveys have been done over Uttarkashi for disaster management support. Broadband direct small business, office etc, sharing local use with many Satellite.


The receiver needs at communicafion four or more satellites to calculate a more accurate 3D position. The new policy requires all operators to set up earth stations in India within 12 months of getting a license. Central hub station is located at SAC, Ahmedabad. A Coal India Limited earth station at Poonch has been commissioned. It is being used by many industries including brokerage firms, pizza houses, car dealers and delivery services. ISRO has come up with the concept coommunication dedicated GRAMSAT satellites, keeping in mind the urgent need to eradicate illiteracy in the rural belt which is necessary for the all round development of the nation.

High resolution satellite data helps to capture the existing irrigation infrastructure and to monitor the progress of new irrigation potential created under programs such as the Accelerated Irrigation Benefit Programme AIBP and Central Loan Gramsst Programme.