“And I absolutely adore Hollowpoint. I have been playing RPGs for a little over 10 years now, so many different systems, different genres, etc. I’ve never played a. Hollowpoint, by VSCA, β€œis a role-playing game that uses a novel engine to generate fast on-the-fly violent action at the drop of a hat, brought to. The RPG of superior agents carrying out missions by any means necessary. INTRODUCTION. Hollowpoint is a complete and mechanically.

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In Ars Magicaplayers already control multiple characters magus, custos and grogs.

Skill Based buy or gain skills. Third, the Era describes both the time period and the flavor of the setting. Though the Expendables might come to mind as fitting into this genre, those characters are too moral for the game built here.

Having an agency offers a central tension for the game. Traits can be physical or abstract. We were plotting out movies The Losers in particular translates very well using Hollowpoint ‘s rules, we were assigning key stats to the characters from Leverage and talking about using traits as a flashback-mechanic to explain how the outlandish cons worked, and we were unanimously voting Hollowpoint our new go-to pickup game shooting [redacted] in the head and carelessly kicking the corpse off the throne.

That can generate many different answers, some of them presenting a real challenge for the player to work into a scene. It models violence between skilled parties carrying out specific objectives, and it is pretty amazing game.


Tabletop Review: Hollowpoint | Diehard GameFAN

Games with more fantastic elements might have skills cover those powers, but focused on what they try to do.

No one in this game is innocent. That’s not power gaming, but more a power fantasy. The gang has just completed a heist and find themselves confronted by the police while leaving.

But then that’s tied down and restricted. As the mission presses on, the GM adds more dice for each succeeding conflict. We can work something out. Just as the gameplay asks you to fill in the details of these two-dimensional characters, the art leaves plenty of space to come up with your own stories. The important concept in a mission to to create two distinct but connected objectives. Hollowpolnt die sets get set aside in case players want to burn traits.

Ratings in skills translate directly into dice usable for conflicts related to them. Hollowpoint clocks in at trade-paper sized pages. The chick we need to assassinate is my girlfriend. She described it as the same kind of admiration she had for an elegantly engineered fighter jet.

It has been your support, financial and otherwise, that has allowed this site to become what it is today. This game shaves away all the other concerns, just as it shaves away all the details except for intended effect.

This article is a media work of review and publicity, and is in no way intended to share intellectual property or copyrighted material outside the scope of media review.

Games where the players spend half of character creation picking out the most awesomest gun from the weapons manual. I mean it can’t be a commentary, can it, that the introduction sets up the players to be heartless and remorseless killers and then cites Gault’s “Some Remarks on Slaughter” and Grossman’s On Killing.


Newer Post Older Post Home. This approach could be used as a quick way of resolving in between season scenes hollowppoint a GM doesn’t want to play out a full session.

Hollowpoint takes another approach β€” abstractly modeling player actions through dice and narration. I think that rightly sums things up. They know how to get things done and they have no compunctions.

The implication is the wearing down of defenses, suppression of response, and progress towards goals. It specifically cites BulletsKill Bill and Wanted as models. An Agent might be a rocket scientist or a concert-level cellist or have seven Ph. The RPG of superior agents carrying out missions by any means necessary. Hollowpoint is a complete and mechanically simple game intended for pick-up or short campaigns.

Tabletop Review: Hollowpoint

holllowpoint Both examples are well presented and really help make clear how the system works. The authors use their words precisely.

The Missions chapter provides a lot of solid advice β€” about how to maintain pace, construct hooks, and create memorable moments.

After dice are rolled, everyone arranges their sets by length and then value.