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On February 4,on remand from the Federal Circuit, the Commission issued an order requiring the parties to submit comments regarding what further proceedings must be conducted to comply with the Federal Circuit’s August 1, judgment, including whether any issues should be remanded to an ALJ to be assigned to this investigation.

Given these challenges relating to our ability to enter into new license agreements, we cannot assure that all prospective licensees will be identified or, if they are identified, will icc persuaded during negotiations to enter into a patent license agreement with us, either at all or on terms acceptable to us, and, as a result, our revenue and cash flow could materially decline.

Issued patents expire at differing times ranging from through Our failure to monitor these services adequately may harm our business, financial position, results of operations or cash flows. Our technology development activities may experience delays. The patents and 7102 comprising our portfolio have fixed terms, and, if we fail to anticipate or respond adequately to these changes through the development or acquisition of new patentable inventions, patents or other technology, we could miss a critical market opportunity, reducing or eliminating our ability to capitalize on our patents, technology solutions or both.

On October 17,InterDigital udcc its reply. We face a variety of risks that may affect our business, financial condition, operating results, the trading price of our common stock, or any combination thereof. Standards have evolved in response to consumer demand for services and expanded capabilities of mobile devices.

Our stockholders may not receive the level of dividends provided for in our dividend policy ldcc any dividend at all, and any decrease in or suspension of the dividend ircc cause our stock price to decline. The court issued formal judgment to this effect on October 29, Samsung asserted a counterclaim for breach of contract.

In addition, the length of time required to negotiate a license agreement leads to delays in 1072 receipt of the associated iscc stream, which could also cause our revenue and cash flow to decline.

Ifcc revenue may be affected by the deployment of next-generation wireless standards in place of 2G, 3G and 4G technologies or by the need to extend or modify certain existing license agreements to cover subsequently issued patents.

Due to the exclusionary nature of patent rights, we do not compete, in a traditional sense, with other patent holders for licensing relationships or sale transactions.


The convertible note hedge transactions are expected to reduce the potential equity dilution upon 7102 of the Notes. These complaints allege that each of the defendants infringes the same patents with respect to the same products alleged in the complaint filed by InterDigital in USITC Proceeding TA In the field of machine-to-machine M2M applications and 17022, we are developing iccc to enable seamless interconnection for multiple access types cellular, WLAN, WPAN and M2M service frameworks that can be managed by an operator and leveraged by a diverse set of vertical applications.


Under certain circumstances, shares of our common stock could be issued upon conversion of the Notes, which would dilute the ownership interest of our existing stockholders. If we are unable to implement one or more of these alternatives, we may not be able to meet our payment obligations under the Notes, and this default could cause us to be in default on any other future outstanding indebtedness. We expect to continue to pay quarterly cash dividends on our common stock at the rate set 102 in our current dividend policy.

The counterclaims also continue to seek declarations of noninfringement, invalidity, and unenforceability. We intend to icdc contributing to the ongoing process of defining mobile standards and other industry-wide efforts and incorporating our inventions into those technology areas. Additionally, investing in technology development is costly and may require structural changes to the organization that could require additional costs, including without limitation legal and accounting fees.

On December 23,InterDigital and Huawei agreed to engage in an expedited binding arbitration to resolve iecc licensing disputes. Some of these patent license agreements provide for the non-refundable prepayment of royalties that are usually made in exchange for prepayment discounts.

The integration of acquired companies or businesses may result in significant challenges, and we may be unable to accomplish the integration smoothly or successfully. In addition, potential licensees may be reluctant to enter into new patent license agreements, and current licensees may be reluctant to renew their agreements, either at all or on terms acceptable to the company, based on the belief that we plan to sell or transfer some of the patents we are asking them to license.

Stock repurchase programs are intended to deliver stockholder value over the long term, but stock price fluctuations can reduce the effectiveness of such programs. We also entered into two additional patent license agreements during second quarterincluding a worldwide, non-exclusive, royalty bearing patent license agreement with Fujitsu Limited “Fujitsu”. If the technologies in which we invest do not become patented or are not adopted by the relevant standards or deployed in the mainstream markets, at all or at the rate or within time periods we expect, or if we are unable to secure partner support for our technologies, our business, financial condition and operating results could be adversely affected.

On the same day, the court granted the stipulation of dismissal and dismissed the action with prejudice. We are also a party to leases for several smaller spaces, including our offices in London, England, United Kingdom, and Seoul, South Odcc that contain office and research space.

  DIN 53495 PDF

InterDigital’s complaint with the USITC seeks an exclusion order that would bar from entry into the United States any infringing 3G wireless devices and components that are imported by or on behalf of the TA Respondents, and also seeks a cease-and-desist order to bar further sales of infringing products that have already been imported into the United States. Provisions of the Notes could discourage an acquisition 11702 us by a third party.

Our exposure will depend on many factors but, generally, the increase in our exposure will be correlated to the increase in our common stock market price and in volatility of iddc common stock. We also believe that the size and growth rate of our patent portfolio enable us to sell patent assets that are not essential to our core licensing programs as a sustainable revenue stream, as well as to execute patent swaps that can strengthen our overall portfolio.


Pursue commercial opportunities for our advanced platforms and solutions. Any decrease in the amount of the dividend, or suspension iddc discontinuance of payment of a dividend, could cause our stock price to decline. The ALJ recommended, however, that the effective date of any exclusion order should be delayed by six months. That approach incorporates internally driven research and development efforts by our InterDigital Labs unit, as well as externally focused efforts by our Innovation Partners unit.

The wireless communications industry has experienced consolidation of participants and sales of participants or their businesses, and these trends may continue. Our investments in new commercial initiatives may not generate meaningful revenues. Our engineering services business could subject us to specific costs and risks dicc we might fail to udcc adequately.

On June 23,Nokia Corp.

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Adverse movements in odcc exchange rates may negatively affect our business due to a number of situations, including the following: We could also be impacted by existing and proposed laws and regulations, as well as government policies and practices related to cybersecurity, privacy and data protection.

In circumstances where we receive consideration for past patent royalties, we recognize such payments as revenue in the period in which the patent license agreement is signed.

The licenses that we grant under our patent license agreements typically only cover products designed to operate in accordance with specified cellular technologies and that were manufactured or deployed or anticipated to be manufactured or deployed at the time of entry into the agreement.