Islamic Laws – Mutahhirat» Introduction. Download file, دانلود کتاب, Current Legal Issues, A Code of Practice For. For a woman with whom permanent marriage is contracted, it is haraam to go .

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January – Releases a statement urging Iraqis to vote in the upcoming provincial elections but states that he is not endorsing any candidates. August- Fighting engulfs the city of Najaf. If najis food remains between the teeth, and water is taken in the mouth and moved in such a islamci that it reaches the entire najis food, the food becomes Pak.

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Of course, it las necessary that he should not totally forsake living with the wife. The water should be pure. But if dress or body has become najis be cause of urine, it must be washed twice so that it is Pak.

A najis utensil can be made Pak with under-Kurr water in two ways: In any case, there is no doubt that she does not forfeit her Mahr. If the exterior of wheat, rice, soap etc.

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But if one uses under Kurr water for making it Pak, then it must be wrung or sq ueezed in whatever way possible, even by passing it under the feet, till islmaic in it runs off. Meat or fat which becomes najis, can be sidtani Pak with water like all other things. April – Sistani’s house arrest is lifted after the US-led invasion of Iraq. Istibra is not meant for women, and if she sees any liquid and she doubts whether it is urine, that liquid is Pak, and it will not invalidate Wudhu and Ghusl.

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For a woman with whom permanent marriage is contracted, it is haraam to go out of the house without the permission of her husband, though her leaving may not violate the rights of the husband. Click here to learn more. If a person performs Istibra after urinating, and then discharges liquid doubting whether it is urine, or one of the above mentioned three liquids, that liquid distani Pak.

Man has no right to compel his wife to render household services.

Islamic Laws

Istibra is a recommended act for men after urinating. So, if blood is removed from a cloth, and the cloth is made Pak with water, it will become Pak ev en if the colour of blood remains on it. And if it is intended to make its interior Pak it should be left in Kurr or running water for such time, that the water would penetrate into its entire structure.


Sistani issues his second political fatwa, urging the Iraqi people to remain neutral and not to interfere with the US forces. If a person under water wipes the najis part sistzni hand, allowing water to reach there again, it will suffice. If the mouth of a uslamic which a dog has licked, is narrow, dust should be thrown into it and after adding some quantity of water, it should be shaken vigorously, so that the dust may reach all parts of it.

There are certain ways of performing Istibra, and the best of them is that islamjc the passing of urine, if the anus also becomes najis it is made Pak first. Islamic Laws of Expiation: February 13, – The results of Iraq’s January 30,election are released. It will not be necessary to scour it with dust. If an earthenware has been made of najis clay, or najis water has penetrated in it, it should be put into Kurr or running water, so that wherever water reaches, it will be Pak.

In the end, they ensure not only personal balance and harmony but the balance and harmony of society. If one wishes to make a dress or similar islxmic Pak in a container, one will pour water, and then press and squeeze islamiv object and tilt the container, so that the remaining wa ter pours off.

And if the oven h as become najis due to something other than urine, then the najasat should be eliminated first, and thereafter, water will be poured into it as described.

If a iwlamic dress, which has been dyed with indigo or with any similar dye, is dipped into Kurr or running water, it will become Pak sistqni water reaches all its parts before water becomes mudhaaf with colour. If a person performs Istibra, and also performs Wudhu, and if after Wudhu he sees a liquid discharged, of which he knows that it is either urine or semen, it will be obligatory upon him to do Ghusl, together with Wudhu. December – Sistani endorses the Iraqi government and US military troop withdrawal proposal.

When the essential najasat disappears from it, it will be Pak. When enough time has lapsed since urinating, and one becomes sure that no urine is left in urinary passage, and then he sees some liquid, doubting whether it is Pak or not, he will consider it as Pak, even if he had islxmic done Istibra. But if the bowl itself is najis, this process must be repeated three times. A utensil which becomes najis because of alcoholic beverage, should be washed three times, with no difference between Kurr, lesser, or running water.


Hence, if water is poured on all fingers while trying to make one najis finger Pak, and najis as well as Pak water reaches them all, they will all be Pak together. As regards temporary marriage, however, if Mahr is not fixed the marriage is void. Water makes najis thing Pak, when the following four conditions are fulfilled: The interior of a najis vessel, or utensil, must be washed three times if less than Kurr water is used, and as per obligatory precaution, the same will apply if Kurr or running water is used.

If the ground which absorbs water e.

And in this rule, there is no difference between the situations when the husband is present, or on a journey, or whether she is a islamif by permanent or temporary marriage. But sistwni she once agrees to have sexual intercourse before taking Mahr, and her husband has sexual intercourse with her, then she cannot prevent him afterwards from having sexual intercourse without a justifiable excuse.

If a baking oven Tannur becomes najis with urine, and if water is poured into it once from above, in a manner that it reaches all its sides, the oven will become Pak.

Mudhaaf The water should be Pak. If najis sugar, or syrup is turned into solid cubes, or granules, it will not become Pak if it is immersed in Islqmic or running water.

It is for this reason that Islam provides expiation for sins, which have the potential to spiritually cripple a person and, in some cases, disrupt the tranquility of society. If the floor which is made of stones, or bricks or other hard ground, in which water is not absorbed, becomes sitani, it can be made Pak with under-Kurr water, but, it is necessary that so much water is poured on it that it begins to flow.