Jack The Bodiless (Galactic Milieu Trilogy, Vol 1) [Julian May] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Rogi Remillard, a member of the powerful. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. May’s newest series, following from her two Jack the Bodiless (Galactic Milieu Trilogy Book 1) by [May, Julian]. Jack the Bodiless (Galactic Milieu Trilogy) [Julian May] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In the year , Earth stood on the brink of.

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She acquires a sonic apparatus that will render Marc sterile, and triggers it by a telepathic command. To be sure, there are some vague glimpses of the overstory which are appreciated, and it is interesting to see the continuing story of Remillard f This is probably the third time I have read this book, possibly the fourth. Creativity is the ability to create illusions and manipulate energy.

JACK THE BODILESS by Julian May | Kirkus Reviews

Psychokinesis PK is the ability to move physical objects through space metapsychically. Through manipulated dreams, Marc conceives an idea called ‘Mental Man’ which would create a new subspecies of Man called Homo [sapiens] summus. Still, I will read the second book and then decide whether to keep boddiless for the third one.

A sense of urgency gets added when it turns out that Jack’s genes are all messed up and various treatments have to keep the damage at bay until they can figure out a more permanent solution and its impressive that May manages to give us a diseased baby basically dying of cancer without seeming exploitative or that she’s milking us for tears.

Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Couldn’t make myself do it. Don’t know why they haven’t. I just re-read it and got goose bumps at the end. Should you be looking around after having randomly read another of this authors works, look no further than the story of Jack for a great and engaging story that will entertain you on multiple levels from readability to engrossing entertainment.

In my opinion, one of the strengths of this series is its characterisation.

It never becomes the thrust of the novel even when Hydra is performing the service that old Captain America villain Scourge once did and eliminating some of the narrative dead weight again, the beauty of a large fictional family is that some of them are meant to be sacrificed on the altar of plot momentum but it lurks in the background as the threat everyone is afraid of but no one can tell how much they should be afraid of it.


Jack the BodilessJulian May. Rogi worries about Denis’s education, as his local school is not challenging, but Don does not see education as something to invest in for his children – especially for Denis.

If you can ignore the ‘too detailed’ description of the fantasy sci-fi world May has created, the story line and boundless thought-provoking ideas put forward in this book and the other two that follow are absolutely amazing, especially for the time when it was first published in Rogi learns of a Jesuit monastic school and manages to bodileess Don to allow him to send Denis there.

Sep 19, Derek Holmes rated it liked it. Jun 24, Wanda rated it liked it Shelves: Uncle Rogi and Marc Remillard are especially affected by Jack’s medical problems as they have battled hard for him to be born and to survive against the reproductive laws and the family judgements so in consequence are very attuned to Jack’s mind and listen when he tells them of a threat that could affect him, the rest of the Remillard family and bodilsss humanity and the Galactic milieu.

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The book hasn’t really grown old, the technology that she writes about is not out-dated, the central theme of the book -metaphysical bodileess, the effect of being a immature part of a galactic unity and the desire to stay I first read this back in when it was published and felt it was one of the best sci-fi books I had read to that point.

There are few books of the lighter genre’s that I am terribly effusive over, and this is one that truly has my vote as a Goodread. Only Rogi Remillard, the chosen tool of the most powerful te being in the Milieu, and his nephew Marc, the greatest metapsychic yet born on Earth, knew about Fury.

This project has been kept highly secret for several years, but peers and competitors of Marc begin to get suspicious. And, as in the Intervention duology, drunk Uncle Fhe is the best.

Jack the Bodiless (novel) | Many-Colored Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

There they stay in exile, and the events of the Saga of Pliocene Exile take place. Oct 08, Thor Grant rated it liked it.

In short – absent is the excitement and action of the Exile Saga or alien and metapsyhic craziness, also absent is the twisting and fascinating unfolding plot of Intervention. Alien beings, other worlds to inhabit, cultures to compare ourselves to, you name it. One wet night, Denis’ favorite daughter, Anne Remillard — a staunch loyalist and advocate of Unity — visits Rogi’s bookshop.


Jack ends up with the full whammo of the mutation and develops what they believe is cancer and his body is eaten away, but either due to this being a part of his natural development or his innate ability being fully activated, he sheds his body and basically becomes a floating brain with the ability to control matter at the atomic level. Why isn’t this a movie yet?

Marc is evidently the Lylmik who appeared to his past self, and turns out to be the incorporeal “Family Ghost” who appears to Rogi for several years, driving him to finish his memoirs as a bofiless document of the Metapsychic rebellion.

Interwoven with this narrative are glimpses of the time after the main action of the series, drawing together threads from it and the Pliocene Exile series.

Jack the Bodiless, Julian May

Julian May’s description of “metapsychic” abilities explicitly refers to the concepts of auras particularly in Part III of Intervention and chakras particularly in discussing the bodilesss of the “Hydra”. Jack the Bodiless was written in the early ‘s and I suspect Julian May thought the human race would be a lot more advanced than we appear to be in I am rereading them all again.

Rogi becomes close to Don and Sunny’s firstborn child Denis. But since kack future also features regenerative tanks, good luck with that. Subsequent research yields results in many places in the world and Denis organizes yearly meetings within the secret metapsychic community. This next part really gave me the whim whams! Sometime later Teresa regains her voice and becomes illegally pregnant with the last of their children, and when Marc farsenses emotional problems over her pregnancy he visits his mother to investigate.

Granted she has a trilogy to work all this stuff out but if she didn’t tell something resembling a complete story in this volume or if she totally turned off readers from the get-go, no one would even bother with the rest no matter how good it is.