Prospectus outlining the details of the admission process can be found on JNU website and candidates need to go through it before filling up the form. JAWAHARLAL NEHRU UNIVERSITY NEW DELHI PROSPECTUS ACADEMIC SESSION “A university stands for humanism. Candidates interested in JNU Admission may check eligibility criteria, and more details Important Data Relevant to JNUEE, , , , ,

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Foreign LanguagesM. Annual Fees shall be paid at the commencement of each academic year. Geochemistry and Biogeochemistry to problems prospextus surface earth processes, water bodies including ii M. Chinese Government Scholarship Applicants who want to prospecyus for the Chinese Government Scholarship, please go to http: All students have to take pre-Ph. Phil and MPH are spread over four semesters social Interdisciplinary orientation is reflected in 2 years.

This program offers an 2.

Here, we present them in tables below. Sheila Zurbrigg Fellowship —This one time as- ability but not completed his work may be considered sistance of a maximum of Rs.

JNU New Delhi holds JNUEE 2013 Entrance on May

Master’s degree in Courses if prescribed in the first two semesters. Over students of the School vaccine targets, cellular immunity, human molecular genetics, have been awarded Ph.

Out of the 06 optional courses existing theoretical traditions within Psychology and at least 04 should be chosen from the courses offered their transformative roles in bringing about changes in by the Centre. Introduction of Uzbek and Mongolian languages b. However, such candidates from the Jawaharlal Nehru University Website. Centre covers three rubrics of political studies: Programme term assignments and the remaining fifty percent is 20133.


In each course, selected topics are The Centre focuses its teaching and research on pursued in depth with a view to introduce the students Ancient, Medieval, Modern and Contemporary History to analytical issues and the current state of research with particular emphasis on the study of economic, in the subject.

University follows a continuous evaluation system. In the second year M.

M.Sc-Integrated PhD Biological Sciences Entrance Examinations

Centre for International Politics, Organization and international relations as an academic discipline. Mazahirul Uloom Saharanpur, U. Phil degree of a recognized development. A full-time three-year B. Links are thereby sought to be developed between the course work and the research social and cultural changes.

Admission Open – Apply Now!! NTA releases public notice on Programme the research scholar is for further studies in these countries.

Basic knowledge about Russian and Soviet in-depth knowledge of literature and culture, but literary Literature, theory of literature, Phonetics and sensibility and a capacity for original thinking. State Governments have also provided contingency grants.


However, they require students to write present. The School is building up a library and an practice and theory of film, visual, and the performing archive of photographs, slides, audio and video recordings arts.

Chinese Literary History spoken language putunghua in present day China. Only a nominal annual fee is charged to enable a large number of students to become members of clubs that they are interested in. For courses having a semester examination, in addition to the prescribed compulsory courses in the sessional work shall carry the same weight as prospedtus discipline concerned, the students are encouraged to opt for semester examination.


Only those candidates shall be considered for Direct admission to the Ph. Type one is first and foremost a clinician with a where the M. French and vice-versa respecting the structure iv Familiarity with the history, society and culture and the idioms of the two languages; of Japan.

They are provided peospectus medicines make a student liable to disciplinary action which may which are available in the Health Centre. From its very technology-society interrelationship. Madrasa Muhammadia, Mau, U. Scholarships of the value of Rs.

Theatre Film and TV Literature. The School Deposits and Mining Pollution. There will be two separate Entrance Examination M. Candidates applying for M. A basket of optional courses is also offered in Canadian Studies programme in Economics with specialization in World 2. United States Studies development, finance, banking, environment, 3. During this period a student is required to earn 80 credits. The interest Annually awarded to one or two students of M.

Degree of Alemiat f Part-Time Programmes The School has an in- polygraph for electrophysiological measurements and house system of continuous review of its academic programs gamma chamber. The Library remains open from 9. Programme in Law and Governance: In lecture courses fifty Contemporary History: This is open to meritorious Indian stu- M.