Magic Rises is the sixth instalment in the Kate Daniels series, after Magic Slays, and marking a return to the main series line after last year’s. The smart latest installment of Andrews’s semi-post-apocalyptic urban fantasy series (after Gunmetal Magic) takes mercenary Kate Daniels and. Magic Rises Ilona Andrews Kate and Curran are pulled out of their Atlanta home territory and into the muck of European shapeshifter politics.

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He knew that Kate could have easily been isolated and then killed but he still didn’t feel riss need to warn her so she could be extra careful. There maagic some low points like the weredolphins, I magc really?? With this book the authors showcase their skills in the Eastern European front and we get a bit more fun this side of the trans-Atlantic divide. Not so much with this one. Curran walked past me to Doolittle and handed him a small plastic bag filled with olive-colored paste.

May 15, Jessie rated it it was amazing Shelves: And ultimately, the story advances the overall series arc quite well. The Lorelei affair, not so much. Give Curran a carte Blanche? Jul 10, Bradley rated it it was amazing Shelves: Quotes from Magic Rises. In the middle of it the Keep rose like a grey man-made mountain, an example of what happened if several hundred deeply paranoid and superhumanly strong people got together and decided they needed a safe place to crash.


I ikona her to be publicly humiliated, for Curran to tell her, in front of all of those people that humiliated Kate, that she was a spoiled child who could never even spark a flicker of his interest because he only had eyes for Kate.


Ilona Andrews does know how to write intriguing characters.

Jen on Red Hot Books wrote: I will say this, there were plot inconsistencies, there were actions and behaviors that were so out of character that they were hard for me ajdrews swallow and in the end, everything was too quickly and neatly tied up with a bow. Cover art provided by Juliana Kolesova. Deus ex machina, people.

Magic Rises

I think it is a week after reading this that I think I see why the authors chose to present this story in this way. This was one of those books that pisses you rides so badly, but the writing and the story, the continual world building and characterization, the developing personalities of everyone involved simply can’t be ignored. If Kate wouldn’t go I’m so sure Curran would have acted in some kind of way.

The chain saws sputtered and died, followed by loud cursing. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. She stood, leaning against the wall, cradling her magkc and the baby inside with her hands. At the height of a magic tsunami, I had used one to force a demonic army to kneel before me. Because I really, really, can’t get my groove on over a star-crossed-lovers storyline and because the plotting requires some reader buy-in at exposition and ending Really?

If you have not read the previous five books and dislike spoilers, you will not want to read this review.

Damn, who let the kids out again?! At some points I was hoping Kate would punch Curran straight in the face. I’m always a bit wary of long running series with a single love interest.

The introduction and addition of new characters to their entourage will be interesting, and has likely been done to augment the spin-off that is coming in the future.


Honestly, it’s really got me wondering what’s coming up in future books. Mild spoilers, which are conveniently hidden in spoiler tags, ahead.

Fantasy Book Critic: Magic Rises by Ilona Andrews (Reviewed by Lydia Roberts and Mihir Wanchoo)

We sometimes become fools for the ones we love as they are able to hurt us in ways no one else ever could. Hope there will be no more secrets between them and I will get a funny, quirky, and nasty Kate in next books kidding, I know what is there in next three books. An older woman ran toward me through the third floor hallway, her eyes opened wide, her mouth slack.

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If anything the books keep getting better as we burrow in to Kate and Curran’s life and watch shit constantly hitting the fan. They have co-authored two series, the bestselling urban fantasy of Kate Daniels and romantic urban fantasy of The Edge. Sure, it would be crushing. She was going to dangerous, foreign territory, and he didn’t think Kate ought anrews know that someone was out to get her?!

Magic Rises by Ilona Andrews | : Books

We were just trying to put off the inevitable. After no less than 26 agonizing months, Magic Rises, the long-awaited sixth installment in the Kate Daniels series is finally here. The characters, the world and the story deserve the highest rating, although it I will not read the next Kate Daniels book description nor will I read any reviews.