NJUBD IC SWITCH ANALOG CMOS QUAD 14DIP NJR datasheet pdf data N JUBD UBD BD BD 66BD 6BD BD D NJUBD. BD Datasheet, BD PDF, BD Data sheet, BD manual, BD pdf, BD, datenblatt, Electronics BD, alldatasheet, free, datasheet. including without limitation, this document, the specifications, the data sheets and application notes for Product and the precautions and.

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Should P tot differ in partial areas within the this range, value stated is always the lowest for P tot. D Berlin 31, Kurfurstendamm Japan: All dimensions in millimeters mm 8-Pin dual-in-line plastic IL— 7. All rights reserved to the editor. RD Read enable input.

NJU4030BD IC Datasheet and equivalent

Definition of transition time and propagation delay time: J,J1,J2 J inputs on flipflops. Designation of outputs on I I 7-segment decoders: R and S work independent from clock signal asynchronous. Type The type designation, which is usually identical to the ordering designation.

Inputs on counters, shift registers, decoders, etc.

Reaction of output voltage on input voltage: However, the CMOS series has reached such a level of design perfection see the internal protective systems described above that, under normal circumstances, observance of the following is sufficient: Qn Status of output at time t n.

Not included in “cmos ” are switching circuits which are logic and pin compatible 4066bc the Series 74 which also finds expression in their designation e.


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Only solder with grounded soldering tool. LT Lamp test input on 7-segment decoders. Dimension BD shall be measured at the largest diameter. K,K1,K2 K inputs on flipflops. LH side general information and maximum ratings: For complete designations and address, see list following table of contents.

These values are thus to be understood as mean values, unless stated otherwise.

DP Decimal point output of 7-segment decoders. The indicated values relate to the applied supply voltage. Logic tables see section 2. No abstract text available Text: B3 Dagasheet condition A, 25 cycles. Mat Matsushita Denshi Kogyo Co. If you’d care to compare it to the old edition, the first thing you’ll notice is how the Japanese manufacturers are crowding the market; an in- dication that the cmos series obviously still has a future after having been pronounced on its way out quite a few times.

Package contour optional within BD and length L. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Try Findchips PRO for bd.

Abbreviations in the connection drawings Despite advanced data basing and photo typesetting techniques the Publisher must, of course, reserve the right, as in any extensive data compilation such as this, to errors excepted.

MR Master reset for all units. Reaction of the output voltage to the input voltage: Used by Used, for instance, by Fair- Motorola and National. Previous 1 2 Section 3 presents the dimensioned outline drawings, whereby these dimensions may sligthly differ from one manufacturer to another, center-spacing and material being the deciding factors here in any case for the user.


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B3 Not applicable. Dimensions BL and BD include all components of the diode periphery except the sections of leads over which the diameter is controlled. As opposed to the TTL series, all of the inputs must be wired up.

Pin designations do not always coincide with actual pin drwg due to lack of space; however, E is generally input, T is always clock input, Q an output see also diagram on right.

Dimension BD shall beBL. FQ Enable output for cascading. Millimeter equivalents are given for general information only. For logic tables see section 2. But this is no drawback in our opinion, since the development engineer has to resolve to the data 4066d of the specialist manufacturer, in any case, when applying such IC’s. Do not insert or remove when live. State or function depends on other parameters and is 40666bd MEM Memory. Outputs of 7-segment decoders, see figure below.