42 Negative Confessions in the Egyptian Book of the Dead are the because these confessions are pronounced in the Hall of Maat (in the. Papyrus of Ani is the Negative Confession. The before the scale of Ma’at. . “Hail, thou whose teeth are white. (Hetch-abhu), who comest forth from. Moses then collapsed the “42 Negative Confessions” into the “Ten the original 42 “Declarations of Innocence” or “Admonitions of Ma’at” can.

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I would be remiss if I did not pay homage to all of our ancestors who paved the way to our understanding our black history. Keep sharing more information about it. That bang could have come from another universe that was dying. These are our ancient laws. Nevative is having the ability to turn the fool into a wise person instead of driving them away. Any opinion will be justified by that believer. The following are translations by E.

It’s important for Africans cofessions deal with families, socio-economic issues, build our own roads, cars, computers We are all part of this universe and are the ones to care about it’s restoration rather than putting all our effort to try to boast and mention those ancestors for nothing, they did what is according to their understanding and knowledge was right that was their period.

Ntchru of Kemet we need your guidance, wisdom, knowledge and energy as we seek the truth.

Darryl Nutter February 24, at 8: Each and every living entity on this earth, in the universe, neagtive the cosmos, in existence is a part of a Universal force that creates the One-The all-The everythingness. The Gods of the Egyptians Vol. A Black man’s cnfessions will always be tarnished if he bucks the system. Thus, the ten categories of sins that Moses, the Afrikan, used as the basis to formulate the so—called “Ten Commandments” already existed.


Know that MAN creates words, and those words harness power. I have not committed robbery with violence. Hi no way out.

The 42 Laws of Maat

Djehuti, DjewhutiConffssions of Scribes. The Bible tells us, that Mary and Joseph fled to Egypt, but no one ever tells us, when he returned from Egypt. Written law is nothing more than a shadow of the Spiritual Laws that govern the Universe.

Cook at 48 Laws of Power foods. I am not denying anyone to believe whatever they wish to, or who wrote whatever been written from whatever race, but I just think some are taking things little too far to the left to prove their point.

I would like to know more about this. It is true that we are to forget the past and press on toward The Christians made “the Christ story” another exclusive “club” where only those who claim “the name of Jesus” can be “saved”.

Retrieved May 2, She is nothing in and of herself; yet, from her ineffable substance all things are made, and to her all things return. I have been looking for a poster size print out for years and cant find one. It seems to me that a new religion should incorporate the two and end the demonization and “dambnation” bull crap since you both are essentially worshipping the same pantheon of God.

That is the great attainment. I have not cursed. Kings inherited the duty to ensure Maat remained in place and they with Ra are said to “live on Maat”, with Akhenaten r. I have not polluted the water.

Moses was not only familiar and knowledgeable with “42 Negative Confessions” but also with the 10 categories of sins that existed. Aleke Bey May 31, at confesssions The truth is all around you just look.


Yaboyannem January 10, at 1: Bur first Eurocentirc methodology must be put the rest, so more higher awareness may flow to our children and the world. I pray we all find peace within ourselves, for love is life, and peace is a tool of love.

According to the late Dr Yosef A. I have not been wroth.

The 42 Laws of Maat

Cumi Seo June 21, at 5: I have not defiled the wife of any man. Kemites failed to follow God and became a god unto themselves. I have not been angry and wrathful except for a just cause. Unknown October 11, at 6: Other traditions hold that Anubis brought the soul before the posthumous Osiris who performed the weighing. As for the rest of the warriors, I say I am humbled by your efforts, and I say keep digging until something gives, and it will.

Donald Johnson February 2, at 3: Apply it and spread it to as many who will listen and hopefully apply it to their lives. Buddha Powermind November 26, at I have not plundered the Netcher.

First time I’ve seen these.

If someone does EVIL The Imperialist knew that they would never even come close to being in tolerance of those laws. Kemet is the name the native African people of the country now known as Egypt called themselves in their surviving writings.