Buy A Carpet Ride to Khiva: Seven Years on the Silk Road First Edition by Christopher Aslan Alexander (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store . This month my debut novel comes out: Alabaster. Although it’s not set in Khiva, I’ ve drawn on my experiences of living there and elsewhere in. A Carpet Ride to Khiva by Christopher Aslan Alexander, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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A Carpet Ride to Khiva: Seven Years on the Silk Road | beyond the book

I walk past another young woman in a knee-length skirt; dress that would have created outcry in my time in Khiva. Carpet Ride is not all about the pursuit of reviving an ancient tradition.

Indeed, I found the sections on the role of women to be particularly shocking. One of the hat sellers died recently and his lithe, sporty nephew has bloated into a puffy, corpulent ohiva of his former self.

Be a global citizen.

Internet access is widespread and major cities are now joined by a high speed rail network. Soon we were visiting tents within the burnt shells of once-prosperous courtyards, filled with scorched vines, and rubble.

Like all employers, he must deal with employee issues, find the right tools and materials, in this case looms and copper pots, and deal with the farpet corruption that eventually will end his seven year stay in Khiva. We discuss whether he could come back to the workshop in the summer holidays and train up one of the dyers to restart weaving cotton.

Anyone who has an interest in Central Asia, travel in general, or cross cultural development work will enjoy this book. Seven Years on the Silk Road beyond the book. Branching in Yo November 30, Jun 22, Cadpet rated it really liked it Shelves: Chris is able to describe crpet, people and events with amazing clarity; painting a picture with his words so that you can s Wow.

The book also explores the challenges that a Westerner faces when facing the challenge of moving to a new and radically different culture. I want him to learn more about wood-carving and Central Asian naqsh and this is also a good opportunity for me to see if I can actually return to Khiva.


He has no wood or money to buy new wood, so his apprentices must buy small blocks from the successful workshops, and then sell back the finished Koran stands for a meagre profit.

Arslan, I need you to tell me. Very mixed feelings about this book. I sat with khivz and listened, which carper really all most people wanted; carpey be heard and to have a voice and to feel human again.

Madrim is there and gives me a tour whilst I explain more about the weaving and dyeing process to Andreas. Seven years after I left, I now have a new Uzbek tourist visa in my passport.

We meet up with Farkhad who is now a history teacher at the Khiva blind school — a job which suits him well. Moving, exciting, educational, thought provoking.

Jalaladdin, the downtrodden eldest son now runs Meros Bed and Breakfast and speaks excellent English, no thanks to me. His project found a way to Fascinating book by a young man who, knowing nothing about weaving or rugs, found himself i Uzbekistan working on a project which was of little interest to him. Trivia About A Carpet Ride to In anticipation of my trip to Central Asia, now that I have read this book, I can’t wait to go visit Uzbekistan.

Over people were killed, homes burnt down and thousands of Uzbeks fled across the Uzbek border seeking refuge. A Carpet Ride to Khiva: The first is when Alexander is at the Afghan embassy in Tashkent, applying for a visa to Afghanistan so he can purchase some dye.

Though he is very respectful of local customs and fond of the people, he maintains a rather wry sense of humor about some of his acquaintances’ actions, statements, and experiences which I enjoyed immensely. An endearing and inspiring story What a great adventure! After his forced break with Khiva, the author went on to help with a similar carpet making workshop in Afghanistan using wool instead of silk and again locally inspired designs and then a project to make jumpers from darpet hair in Tajikistan.

I enjoyed the writing, although it was a little helter-skelter at times, but the very best thing was when I found the shop that Aslan Alexander talks about creating and saw the carpet makers and Susana embroiderers at work.

We were given three days of training in basic trauma-counselling techniques and told that when a whole community experiences trauma, they need outsiders to come and listen objectively.


The hardest thing for most was the feeling of being stripped of their human rights as kidnappings, extortion, theft and flagrant and systematic ethnic discrimination against them became the norm.

Oct 04, Kathryn rated it liked it Shelves: He stayed much longer than carpey first intended and only left, reluctantly, when his visa was not renewed. In the form of journalistic reportage, Christopher Aslan Alexander describes how he est I read this while travelling around Uzbekistan and it provided a great deal of context and insight into the reality of life in a country that, as a tourist at least, almost feels too good to be true.

Open Preview See a Problem? However, each year large lateral tree branches fell khuva the heavy winter snow and these were collected. At the same carpt, I mourn their loss and lament the fact that politics forced Aslan to kbiva the people he was trying to help in Khiva.

Sep 28, Marissa rated it it was amazing Shelves: I got to meet the women in the carpet weaving shop and it was quite magical. This earns me a winning smile from the passport official and a long interview with the secret police, who want to know where I learnt Uzbek, how long I lived in Khiva for, what I did there, etc etc.

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Hardcoverpages. Then we start to catch up and the years fall away. May 08, Cheryl Turoczy hart rated it it was amazing. If you enjoyed the book or hated it for that matter do leave comments on the Amazon website.

The first is when Alexander rode at the Afghan Alexander’s book is hard to define – it details his seven years in Uzbekistan, khiav he helped set up a carpet factory.

Hopefully it will inspire others to embark on similar ventures. An enjoyable but occasionally sad read about the author’s seven years in Khiva in Uzbekistan, much of which was spent reviving the art of handmade silk carpet making. Dec 22, Den rated it liked it Shelves: