For other ACSLS documentation, refer to the Oracle Technical Network (OTN) at: Special device drivers are provided in ACSLS for use with logical libraries. StorageTek Automated Cartridge System Library Software Customer Documentation Library. PDF titles, Comment on this library · Download ACSLS Software Customer Documentation Library ACSLS HA Cluster Installation, Configuration, and Operation, Download · Click to comment. ACSLS

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Automated Cartridge System Library Software 8.3 Library

The following diagram provides an overview of the hardware configuration required for sharing a StorageTek library among multiple MediaAgents with DDS configuration. Please fill all the fields. Co-hosting To ensure uninterrupted library service and to avoid unanticipated documenration due to resource contention, it is generally recommended that ACSLS run in a standalone environment on a dedicated server.

To check swap space, enter one acs,s the following operating system commands:. Solaris zones enable a system administrator to partition a standard, low cost server into four independent Solaris systems, each with its own isolated file system, and its own instance of Solaris.

However, some systems are designed to allow multiple applications to run in co-hosted fashion as though they are completely isolated from one another.


These utilities include the following: Documentstion functions include mountdismountenterejectauditquerydisplayand vary. Logical libraries are only supported on the Solaris operating system.

A logical library cannot span more than one physical ACS or physical partition. ACSLS is automated library management software.

Each client has exclusive access to its assigned logical library. Refer to the online help for procedures and detailed information for using the GUI. Solaris and Linux systems should be equipped with a minimum of 4GB of memory and a minimum of 2GB of swap space. Web Documentatoin are being exported as a PDF. To view file system sizes, enter the following command:.

Refer to the Hardware Matrix for a comprehensive and latest list of supported components. This is an issue for Solaris zoned environments. To configure failover library controllers, install the appropriate software on multiple MediaAgents that will act as failover library controllers. See Supported Software Versions documentatoon information on the supported versions. A tree browser to navigate physical and logical configuration.

STK Libraries Attached to ACSLS Server – Prerequisites

The physical libraries, along with any drives and volumes that are not allocated to logical libraries, remain accessible to ACSAPI clients. To view file system sizes, enter the following command: For users wanting updated logical library support on Solaris It facilitates automated tape operations for multiple clients, providing services and support cocumentation enhance library ease-of-use, performance, and availability.


This patch includes all updates available in the previous patches. Internet Explorer V8 and above and FireFox V39 and above require configuration settings to provide a bit self-signed digital certificate for https.

However, the ability to share kernel resources, such as device drivers, across multiple zones is tenuous at best. This is true for patches 8. There is no need to apply earlier patches. Web Pages selected for export: A Solaris administrator can partition hardware resources across the system, assigning a specific resource to a specific domain.

Within the StorageTek libraries, some or all drives must be assigned to the MediaAgents for exclusive use by the CommCell group. Documentaton 10 and Solaris 11 Solaris 10 and Solaris 11 x If using for Windows or Windows R2, see Oracle support documentation for more information on any platform specific caveats.

Common operations with the acsss macro include:. Real-time monitoring of tape library components. The ability to filter volume and drive displays with user-specified criteria.

Solaris vmstat -S The result is expressed in kilobytes.

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