AFI 91-302 PDF

This is the initial publication of AFI , revising AFR Don’t develop AFOSH standards if existing Air Force directives and technical. Refer to Air Force Instruction (AFI) , Air Force Occupational and .. AFI , Air Force Occupational and Environmental Safety, Fire. AFOSH program guidance applies to all areas, except where otherwise . Manages the AFOSH standards program (AFI , Air Force.

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Disassemble the remaining filter 91-02 and place parts in resealable bags ready for immediate installation of filter elements.

The tests sample knowledge of STS subject matter areas judged by test development team members as most appropriate for promotion to higher grades.

View the ETCA at http: 913-02 following paragraphs describe the resource constraints that result from publication of this CFETP. W Section C — Support Material 8.

COMPLIANCE WITH THIS PUBLICATIONISMANDATORY NOTICE Thispublicationisavailabledigitallyonthe_百度文库

Non-ejection seat egress training will be conducted using actual aircraft to the maximum extent possible. Already have an account? The LSS is responsible for conducting an annual review. Performance contract b surveillance 5. As a group, develop a time-reaction checklist using operational plans to initiate and sustain vehicle operations contingency or deployment commitments.

All unit options will be reflected in local supplements. At least two AFRC personnel per unit will be trained and qualified to handle hazardous materials.

Certify or decertify trainees on task qualifications. ALS trainers must be qualified on the tasks they instruct. You are developing local written procedures for an explosive operation not covered in detail by a TO. Six semester hours of CCAF degree applicable technical credit otherwise not applicable to this program may be applied. Manages the vehicle leasing program.


Added-AFMC Flying personnel operating 91-3002 from aircraft carriers may wear appropriate non-skid footwear. Ensure flying helmets, oxygen masks, and headsets are carried in the helmet bag to and from the ALS facility.

Vehicle operation, official use of government vehicles and equipment policy; dispatching, fleet management, driver qualification and licensing functions; evaluating, staffing, and negotiating transportation support agreements; evaluating requirements and developing operating procedures to support contingency and 13 mobility operations; custodial responsibilities; budget preparation; and developing and monitoring contracted services knowledge is mandatory.

See Chapter 6 for specific pilot and non-pilot unit responsibilities.

Egress Volume 1 Ures

Passengers scheduled for flight aboard non-ejection seat equipped aircraft will be briefed on emergency procedures and ALSE as depicted in appropriate aircraft passenger briefing guides. All rotary type aircraft aircrews will wear the HEED during overwater flights when they are outside the auto rotation distance from shore. Certification for OJT 4. Tractor and Trailer Combination 7.

Egress Volume 1 UREs – ProProfs Quiz

Provides immediate notice of suspended or restricted lot numbers to all qfi users of affected national stock numbers NSN. If and when transcribed tasks become duty position requirements, re-certify using standard certification procedures. The STS identifies additional mandatory core tasks required for upgrade.

Pull the pin, Aim the nozzle, Squeeze the handle, Sweep back and forth. The individual is recertified either by erasing the old entries and writing in the new or by using correction fluid if the entries were made in ink over the previously certified entry.


Mandatory training which leads to attainment of higher level of proficiency. Section A explains how everyone will use the plan; Section B identifies career progression information, duties and responsibilities, training strategies, and a career field training path; Section C associates each level with specialty qualifications knowledge, education, training, and other ; and Section D indicates resource constraints which impact the execution of education and training.

Each time you are assigned a new egress system, you are required to learn the new system by attending. Group and Squadron Commanders: Maintains records and logs. Ensure all aircrew and passengers wear or have readily available aboard the aircraft for use all required ALSE. It also establishes requirements for deployment and distribution of ACDE for all aircrew members. Controls equipment and performs custodial duties.

Community College of the Air Force. Ensure instructions, publications, manuals, procedures, and T. Conduct SAVs annually to each subordinate activity.

Controls and safeguards trip kit and packet supplies and equipment such as national credit cards, tickets, and fuel coupons. Pilot and Non-pilot Units.