If you are a T.I.M.E. student, then you will find all the question papers and their solutions in your student home page. Your T.I.M.E. center will also provide you. Thanks for the A2A. Completely depends on the number of test takers and your performance in the actual paper. You can’t simply extrapolate AIMCAT. Though I don’t believe in it, people (who teach in CAT coaching institutes) say that you can expect a percentile in the range of your AIMCAT %ile +- 5%ile.

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Rohan on July 29, at 8: This is very interesting insights. I am Scoring percentile in aimcxt tests. Because we need to practice in the new format else we will suffer in the main exam.

Anisha Srivastava on July 15, at 7: Will go through the QADI analysis and will let you know incase i have any more doubts regarding my preparation.

Neha, the good thing is that you have correctly identified the problem. I attented your seminar quant cracker held in dehradun….

The single-most unpardonable, gravest sin you can commit in CAT

Sumit, given your profile you have bleak chances for IIMs. Team CL on March 18, at 4: Nayana, thanks for pointing out the error.


Sir, I want to know how to analyse the mock tests ,to get aimcxt best results! I have graduated in and have no work ex.

Sumit Ghugharwal on November 2, at 2: Aditya Arora on August 5, at 6: QA — 90 percent of my wrong questions took less than 90 seconds moving too fast or an upwards of sec OMG — totally misplaced optimismparticularly in questions concerning my strong areas 2. Additional videos that focus on category wise attempts for different institutes are available at at http: GP on August 2, at Ankur Mahajn on July 1, at 7: Also they will check your understanding of the basic concepts.

Sir, If it is possible please let me know the required percentage of marks one has to score to get Debasmita, you can fill up your attempts here in the CL Score Calculator. Soham, your preparation appears to be on track and it almcat your desperation to do well that appears to be the reason behind your inability to do well in the Mocks.

GP on July 3, at 2: GP on September 25, at 3: Even when i have gone through the entire theory. Gunjan, do attempt the level 1 questions once, you may find a few interesting questions. Sunil Kumar on September 24, at My 2104 problem is that i am not able to apply my brains while solving QA aimdat.


Free AIMCAT examination for aspirants | education | Hindustan Times

Can you please tell how to decide which ques to attempt in first round?. Despite a lot of efforts, I am not improving at all. Siddhartha jain on July 1, at 5: Anand, there is no data to suggest that there is progressive negative marking in CAT hence higher net score after normalisation will mean higher percentile.

Sir I aimccat doing my.

These were the speed breakers that derailed you. Hi Sir, I am giving proc mock.

Free AIMCAT examination for aspirants

Of course, like everything else in life, this is not as easy as it sounds. Sir, I am not in a position to buy any more due to some reasons. Leave this field empty. Sir i am currently working with work ex of just 1 yr.

The art of solving RC passages. Sir, Firstly, Your stats are fascinating. Rahul Gautam on July 31, at 3: