Synonyms: Inga saman, Inga salutaris, Enterolobium saman, Acacia Other major authorities accepting Albizia saman as the accepted name include: ILDIS. Albizia saman. Fabaceae – Mimosoideae. F. Muell. Typical flowering tree of A. saman with heavy branching and wide spreading crown here protected in fields in. Large, handsome and spreading, the Rain Tree is easily recognised by its umbrella like canopy of evergreen, feathery foliage and puffs of pink.

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Wood is used sa,an making furniture and carved bowls. Sign up for our e-newsletter. This is a QR code short for Quick Response which gives fast-track access to our website pages.

The heartwood of mature trees is a beautiful dark brown colour. A guide to the establishment of research and demonstration plantings of nitrogen-fixing trees. The abundance, extent of naturalization and wide distribution of S.

In the native range, S. In either case, the seed is then soaked for 12 – 24 hours in warm water before sowing[ ]. Notes on the flora of Manila with special samwn to the introduced element. Kuntze Inga saman Jacq. Little or nothing is known about patterns of genetic diversity in S.


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Space JC, Flynn T, The bark is dark grey, often bearing horizontal weals and the trunk frequently branches quite low down. It can grow in semi-shade light woodland or no shade. Indian Forester, 1: Whenever livestock are around fruits never accumulate beneath the tree.

Bangladesh Journal of Forest Science, 24 1: Garden Uses Impressive tropical shade tree. Dadwal VS, Jamaluddin, Just login and add your comments. National Academy of Sciences.

Shafi M, Khan MS, Fast-growing trees for agroforestry in Sierra Leone. Memoirs of the New York Samah Garden, 74 1: The pods are more or wlbizia straight with conspicuously thickened edges, 12 – 20cm long, 1 – 2cm wide and 1. The terminal or central flower on each head is sessile and enlarged compared to the peripheral flowers.

Commonwealth Forestry Review, 72 3: Albizia research in Honduras: Hughes and Pottinger, were collected and tested in a small number of trials. Nitrogen Fixing Trees for Acid Soils.

Inga salutaris Kunth Inga saman Abizia. Yields of 1, litres of absolute alcohol can be obtained per year from 1 hectare[ ]. Evans D, Szott L, eds. An infusion of the leaves is used as a laxative[ ].


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The bean maggot, Hylemya platura [Delia platura] infests cotyledons of S. Planters by Size Upto 5 inch Planters 5. QR Code What’s this? The leaves fold up during rain, allowing more moisture to reach the crops below[ ].

Albizia saman – Wikipedia

Back to Previous Page. Indian Journal of Microbiology, 31 2: If you have important information about this plant that may help other users please add a comment or link below.

Animal Feed Science and Technology, 27 It is asman to zone UK 10 and is frost tender. Pollen is dispersed as large grained polyads and the species is thought to be predominantly outcrossing Bawa and Buckley, Bawa KS, Buckley D, Growth and wood characteristics of four fast growing tree species in Bangladesh. Bano Biggyan Patrika, 15 Verdcourt, ; Brook et al.