All Just Glass is a novel written by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes and the seventh book in her Den of Shadows series and her twelfth novel overall. It is the direct. May 8, Sarah Vida has given up everything for love. From a legendary family of vampire- hunting witches, Sarah was raised to never trust a vampire. Dec 22, This sequel to Shattered Mirror () in the Den of Shadows series continues the story of the Vida witch clan and their mortal enemies.

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When I heard that All Sarah Vida has done the unthinkable. If you haven’t read Shattered Mirror at all, however, read that first it’s actually better than this one.

I was a Buffy fan after all! I appreciate the attempts to make her a character that doesn’t need a boyfriend to survive, glasss given the current state of young adult literature, but I feel as if she never came off as strong as she needed to be. And lastly, the pacing seemed way too slow for a twenty four hour novel.

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Pages to import images to Wikidata. Sarah’s pride is seriously injured and after an encounter with Christopher and a very traumatized victim of another vampire, Sarah receives an invitation from Nikolas to a party. I also struggled to connect with most of the cast gpass characters.


– All Just Glass by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes – You’re

Her sister, also a witch, was tapped to hunt her down. I don’t understand why this was written over a 24 hour time period and I didn’t even rea I loved Amelia Atwater-Rhodes’ books as a teen, so nostalgia is what drew me to pick this book up.

Posted Mar 16, Read the full review Frazzled Book Nommer. Thus, her books are kinda a huge nostalgia bomb aamelia me, and I might get a little more satisfaction out of them books than your average Jane off the street.

I never felt there was a need to continue Sarah Vida’s story and I’m very disappointed that this is apparently where the author saw the story going.

Jun 12, Pages Young Adult Buy.

This new trilogy has no direct ties to the Den of Shadows world but Atwater-Rhodes stated in her blog that “Message board veterans may even remember some drabbles and a Reality: Of all of Rhodes books, Shattered Mirror was one of my favorites and I always wanted to know what happened next to the characters.

Shattered Mirror is a vampire novel written by Amelia Atwater-Rhodespublished in when the author was And for Aida this is extra disastrous given that her family has been hunting vampires for centuries.

If you haven’t read any of the Nyeusigrube Den of Shadows series, you should really read those first Den of Shadows 7. The other characters from the first book met the same fate. Also, I thought the ending was a copout. Nissa has always lived a peaceful lifestyle. I grew up in Concord, Massachusetts, where I matriculated through the public Concord-Carlisle school district from kindergarten until my graduation in Dominique also appears in the novel Amela in My View.


If anything, I felt like she was almost growing closer to Nikolas, but then again, there was never anything romantic happening. Though there are many different kinds of love evident throughout the story.

Given how much I enjoyed reading Amelia’s works in the past I would not discount reading future works from her; I would just hope apl they would be more in line with Den of Shadows. Archived at the Wayback Machine.

Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Nissa is Christopher’s and Nicholas’s older sister. Caryn also appears in the novel Demon in My View. This book had all the makings of my particular brand of catnip: Better yet, AJG shows us not just more of, but a different side to some of the characters and organizations that we’ve previously read about.