Title, Philippine Society and Revolution. Author, Amado Guerrero. Publisher, Ta Kung Pao, Original from, the University of Michigan. Digitized, Sep Philippine society and revolution. Front Cover. Amado Guerrero. International Association of IV THE PHILIPPINE REVOLUTION OF THE COLONIAL. Amado Guerrero, Philippine Society and Revolution 4th edition. Hayward, CA Philippine Information Network Service (PINS)

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Fae rated it really liked it Feb 11, Always review PSR and apply it to current circumstances and events. Denise Florendo rated it it was amazing Nov 19, The fourth edition if the three mimeographed editions are not counted indeed emphasized the theoretical importance of the two supplementary documents, which in turn further enhanced PSR.

I started writing and finished it in the third quarter of The continuing semicolonial and semifeudal conditions are further worsening and deepening. This person would like to convey that the underlying message of this work, a seminal venture for its time and our time is still the bedrock of the continuous analysis of the Philippine society from the perspective of an internationalist branch of socialism.

Granted, one may concede the notion that the Revolution is to be best achieved through a protracted struggle across the countryside.

After all, the purpose of the text is to serve as a pamphlet and a synthesis of the recurrent dilemmas engulfing the body politic, the social structure and the cultural sphere. May 18, Allen Severino rated it really liked it. Philipppine were even German and Turkish translations and a comics edition. To your knowledge, how many times has the book been printed? Yaz K rated it liked it Sep 19, Adrian Mendizabal rated it it was amazing May 15, Refresh and try again.


Janssen Cunanan rated it it was amazing Feb 05, Notify me of new posts by email. Kenneth Pabilonia rated it really liked it Oct 08, No trivia or quizzes yet. When was it first published and in what form? It was based on the prevailing conditions and needs of the Filipino people, especially the toiling masses.

Philippine Society and Revolution

Can you relate to our readers certain historical facts about PSR? When did you start writing it? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. The key contributions of PSR are its characterization of Philippine society as semicolonial and semifeudal and the corresponding line of national and democratic revolution under the leadership of the working class.

What role guerrro it play in the different stages of development of the Philippine revolution?

40 years of Philippine Society and Revolution ยท

It tackles history, imperialism and social structure. But the transformation of the Filipino society from the ‘s onwards due to the specks of globalization and the collapse of the Leninist states made the struggle an auxiliary rather than a phlippine approach. Has it made any contribution to theory that is relevant beyond the practice of the Philippine revolution? In this regard, PSR specified the allied classes workers, peasants, the petty bourgeoisie hpilippine the national bourgeoisie revolutioj the class enemies big compradors and landlords in the new democratic revolution.

Published by Aklat ng Bayan Inc first published PSR also laid down the need to fulfill the political requirements in order to advance the people’s war from one stage to the next. What are the three most important points of the book? Roberto rated it really liked it Dec 24, Paperback5thpages.

SND paved the way for the exposition of the people’s basic problems and the possible revolutionary solution in legal and persuasive language. But the point still stands that a new approach is needed, that the people’s war has served its purpose.


Philippine Society and Revolution – Amado Guerrero – Google Books

It also laid down the principal task: To fight in the decadent cities is the fight that one must commit for the sake sociefy the future. Clarence rated it it was amazing Aug 24, Akalain mong me PSR sa Goodreads. Cheska Ginogino rated it it was amazing Feb 10, Aidalyn Vicente rated it liked it Feb 23, The Party continues to issue new editions of PSR and supplement it with new related revolutiin. This can be considered the fourth edition if the mimeographed editions are excluded.

What do you think are the crucial issues that have to be studied by Philippine revolutionaries in order to further invigorate the different fields phikippine struggle? Jaena Rae rated it really liked it Dec 07, When I finished the rough draft around AugustI gave it to Julie de Lima and other individuals and the members of the Central Committee to gather their suggestions and comments.

AmerelMangontra rated it it was amazing Jun 27, It perhaps embodies the guerreto of its ideology embedded throughout the text; that the feudal, imperialist and colonial institutions have formed an unholy alliance to deprive the majority of the people their basic decency to live, to thrive and to exist.