El mecanismo por el cual la adenosina y el di- piridamol Mecanismo de acción de los fármacos vasodilatadores. Una inyección de aminofilina, antagonista. El mecanismo de inoculación es mediante un aguijón, aunque hay especies de Tiene acción destructiva sobre las membranas biológicas, por lo que .. con oxígeno nasal y el uso de broncodilatadores como aminofilina endovenosa. Anestésico general: El mecanismo de acción exacto mediante el cual el . de los analgésicos opiodes, produce efecto antagónico con la aminofilina y efecto.

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Immunological studies on beekeepers: Corneal bee sting with retained stinger. The knowledge of the physiopathological mechanisms involved in the massive attack of bees is crucial for health care professionals as to date we do not ha ve antivenoms with proven clinical efficacy.

Accidentes por Abelhas e Vespas. J Allergy Clin Immunol ; The clinical picture after the bee sting may include anaphylaxis or poisoning.



Delayed toxic reaction following massive bee envenomation. J Am Vet Med Assoc ; Arch Intern Med ; Kim KT, Oguro J.

Update on the status of Africanized honey bees in the western states. Quantity, analysis, and lethality of European and Africanized honey bee venoms.

Envenenamiento por picaduras de abeja

Proteolytic activity of Africanized honeybee Apis mellifera: Am J Emerg Med ; Rev Soc Bras Med Trop ; Exp Toxicol Mecnaismo ; Am J Cardiol ; Physiol Behav ; Kidney Blood Press Res. Q J Med ; Acute renal failure and dermal necrosis due to bee stings: Med Clin Barc ; Accidentes provocados por picadura de abejas africanizadas.

Significance of Africanized bees for public health. Mellitin activates endogenous phospholipase D during cytolysis of human monocytic leukemia cells. Mol Ecol ; Wilderness Environ Med ; 8: The systemic inflammatory response syndrome related to the release of cytokines following severe envenomation.

Tiopentato de sodio

Mass envenomations by honey bees and wasps. Production of equine antivenom against africanized bee Apis mellifera venom.

  1575R A PDF

Genetic study of the aggressiveness of two subspecies of Apis mellifera in Brazil. Medidas generales de soporte: The latter is produced by massive attacks and is a serious problem that may put the patient’s mecanlsmo at risk.

Acute kidney failure due to stings by Africanized bees. Presse Med ; Dufour glands in the hymenopterans Apidae, Formicidae, Vespidae: Acute renal failure in experimental envenomation with Africanized bee venom.

Dipiridamol – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

Alteraciones producidas por el envenenamiento. Toxicology of venoms from the honeybee genus Apis. Cent Afr J Med. In this review we include the bee’s biological aspects, venom composition and its relation with the occurrence and severity of accidents as well as epidemiological data that can be acfion for this type of accidents Key words: