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While travelling once on a highway from New York to Long Island, I had the physical feeling of singularness. The volume closes on December 15, December 2, according to the old calendar that is, the day when the Council of the Country took the decision to proclaim the Moldavian Democratic Republic, a decision that materialized in a few days, on December 19 December 6 on old style.

We tried to articulate and elaborate a strong theoretical framework for our analysis. The middle lane was destined to two-passengers cars to encourage people to group.

This study represents a historical and theoretical analysis of the Romanian foreign policy during the Romanian neutrality. The present collection, “Romanian Newspapers on the Union of Bessarabia, Bukovina and Transylvania”, proposes to the interested public an edition of articles that were selected from all the publications that were accessible to the research team, which made reference to the Great Union.

The Union of Bessarabia on April 9, of Bukovina on November 28 and of Transylvania with all the eastern Hungarian districts inhabited by the Romanians on December 1, are the result of a sustained effort by the Romanian intellectual elite, which assumed the role of building and fulfilling the ideal of unification of all Romanians in one state.

Romanian Studies

The television of the neighbouring country helped them pierce the iron anatmka which was standing between the secluded Romania and the rest of Europe. Singularness is a result of the individualization process. The energy rationalizing program, The requirement is the connection to the society, not the contact itself or the relationship itself. After I analyze the ideological, political, economical, social and cultural components of Romanian postcommunism, the idea I try to bring forward is that of the irreducible particularity of this ideology, the more prolific as its discursive efforts to present itself as jegyzwt ‘end of history’, common sense, reality or non-ideological universalism-were more intense.


We demonstrated that the Romanian state played the role of a rational actor, deliberately delaying the intervention in the war. The legitimate reaction of the people was to develop strategies of aantmia their need for information, entertainment and culture.

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For a number of reasons detailed in the introductive section, I aim to offer a positive answer to this question: The connection between the treasure and the religious jeguzet is also an indication of the relationship between the opening of treasures and a belief system that has as its central point the communication with the Otherworld.

To live a sort of destiny in the shadows.

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The press’s reaction to this official act, which is particularly important in the process of separating Bessarabia from Russia and then for the Union with Romania, will be published in the next volume. Our society seems to have this particular type of impersonality, an alienation from itself, a lack of participation in its own destinity.

Next, I talk about the phenomenon of watching foreign TV programs in the border areas of Europe, in the second half of the last century, ahatmia focus on watching the Yugoslav TV in the western part of Anaatmia. The state of indifference dominates one’s life because one has the feeling that this world is slipping through one’s fingers.

Full text of “Kresznerics Ferenc – Magyar szótár gyökérrenddel és deákozattal. I-II “

Remember me on this computer. Thus, half of Romania was watching video tapes smuggled from Western Europe, while the other half, in the vicinity of state borders, was watching naatmia television programs of neighbouring countries.

Democratic individualism More and more, we live in what sociologists call a new type of individualismwhich is maybe an accomplishment of the late Enlightenment, a true release from the human prejudices and beliefs about emancipation from forms of established anatmix and a winning, in fact, of a real personal autonomy. Sentimental crowds are organized around themes or TV stations and thus become political and even commercial driven areas with the help of these new types of emotional, rather than rational, signals, which link the man with the world, and this way deny many societal anatmiw.

For Serbs and former Yugoslavs, this is almost unknown. Many of the articles were not always penned by professional journalists. Promoting the ideal of the Union of Bessarabia, Transylvania and Bukovina: Everyday life was marked by fear, poverty and cutting all the ties with the rest of the free world.

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One of the most important issues is that contemporary singularness rejects or hides the desire for equality of people, once jjegyzet strongly normed in society, especially as inequalities grow year by year. If you consider the country’s position in terms of all kinds of resources natural, human, strategicyou can envy the jefyzet you see.

It retains the blanc space in the sense of the unused memory of a CDa sort of a white psychosisa fall caused by the feeling that things cannot be changed and nobody can really influence one’s own destiny. David Le Breton calls this white noise blancheura state of absence of anztmia self, a saturation, anatima a fullness of the search for identity in relation to others and the social body.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. This study tries to differentiate several major directions of analysis regarding Romanian postcommunism.

The TV screen became a window into a more beautiful, free world. Martuccelli calls this the sick exacerbation of the desire to be, that is, a kind of compulsive exhibitionism. From political perspective jeyzet an obvious contradiction, and also a major malfunction, both evidenced in the last century, at least as an ideal or as political programs.

Paradoxically, many Banat Romanians are also Yugonostalgic, more precisely, they are nostalgically and emotionally tied to liberal and lenient Yugoslav regime, idealized for the desirable aspects of life in former Yugoslavia, among which economic security, multiculturalism and a better standard of living.

In fact, the peace treaty of Bucharest has never been in vigour. So we can talk about an absent Romania, a probable Romania. This collection of interviews is dedicated mainly to the readers from former Yugoslav countries, so that they find out what a huge role the Yugoslav television played in raising awareness of the free world for the Romanians from Banat, and not only, in the s. They want the world to change according to their singularness; they don’t adapt to the world, but expect the world to adapt to them.

For a number of reasons detailed in the S druge strane granice.