Andrei Bely’s novel Petersburg is considered one of the four greatest prose masterpieces of the 20th century. In this new edition of the. Petersburg (Penguin Classics) [Andrei Bely, David McDuff, Adam Thirlwell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The most important [. After enlisting in a revolutionary terrorist organization, the university student Nikolai Apollonovich Ableukhov is entrusted with a highly dangerous mission.

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Bely revised it–largely by making more or less random drastic cuts–for its republication in Berlin in Anerei 04, Kate rated bsly it was amazing. The chatty and generally inarticulate narrator of the Prologue tells the reader that Nevsky Prospect is “rectilineal” and “for the circulation of the public,” and “if Petersburg is not the capital, then there is no Petersburg. Jan 06, Pages Buy. In primo piano stanno le descrizioni ma sarebbe meglio dire evocazionidi colori, miasmi, nebbie e trasparenze che avvolgono le geometriche prospettive ed i recessi di Pietroburgo, capitale sfarzosa e monumentale eretta solo due secoli prima in un luogo disabitato e malsano.

This page was last edited on 6 Novemberat The spooked and unhinged narrator is, then, in perfect harmony with his subject, the times and his characters; in fact, he acts almost as another character himself.

John CournosJohn E. Views Read Edit View history. But these innovations, which subvert commonplace literary rhetoric, are necessary to conveying Petersburg at such peterrsburg tumultuous time. His relationship with his father is distant, and though it manifests itself in apparent disdain there is an element of suppressed tenderness, of a desire for love which Nikolai and Apollon cannot verbalize, and instead retreat into their “idle cerebral play.

Ti sei avventurato di notte negli spiazzi deserti dei sobborghi, per udire una “u” persistente e molesta? Petersburg by Andrei Bely. Losses, Journeys, and Ascensions: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


The novel strikes the perfect tempo, both fast paced but also solemn in its comedy and insightful in its absurdity. Indiana University Press, Bely was the greatest writer of Russian Symbolist prose and Petersburg remains the best example of how he could take an idea, turn it into a symbol, and insert it into his narrative.

Bely’s early 20th century masterpiece can be read as the Symbolist instance of modernity’s passage: Images of spirals appear in a number of Bely’s coeval meditative drawings that he made at the anthroposophist commune in Dornach, Switzerland where he spent considerable time.

Petersburg by Andrey Bely – Free Ebook

Despite this considerable competition, it belongs on far more “Top ” lists than I have seen it on noneand for that reason, I feel compelled to review it on here, to perhaps win over some unbeknownst-to-themselves Bely fans. Privacy Notice Accessibility Help. What might surprise many a reader of modernist fiction is that the story is quite plotted, the pace is quite quick.

Avete mai visto, ormai rimbambiti ma ancora famosi, degli uomini che per mezzo secolo pararono tutti aandrei attacchi? Join our email list. Something definitely out of the common groove. Perfettamente figlio del suo tempo, l’autore trasferisce su queste pagine tutta una serie di fantasmi evocati in una seduta spiritica.

Ora faccio un esperimento ricopiando alcuni passi che ho sottolineato: In a review of all the existing English translations, Professor Michael R. His poems were set on music and frequently performed by Russian singer-songwriters. At the corner of Nevsky the statesman’s path intersects with the terrorist conspirator Alexander Ivanovich Dudkin’s.

The result was Petersburg. But it is Petersburg for which he is best remembered.


The Moving Tide of Abundance: Petersburg by Andrei Bely

If you have other andrdi books by Tolstoy and Dostoevsk The book is quite difficult but amazingly rewarding. Maybe there is something in the little water that unites them artistically in their plangent grief and wacky humor. If you wish to see more of my most recent book and movie reviews, visit http: Make no mistake, Petersburg is an almost unfathomably layered, complex piece of work — seemingly a mess, but actually perfectly ordered.

Oct 08, Jane rated it it was amazing.

Bely even manages to be absurd when he is attempting verisimilitude. The first line in Russian is: But throughout this political intrigue and near-parody of Crime and Punishmentwe are gifted with the little cerebral plays of, particularly, the father and son Ableukovs: The first point is that there are two versions of this novel — the original of and a later version from Petersburg has frequently been compared to Ulysseswhich both helps and muddies the water.

Karl Bulla, Nikolaevsky Embankment. Apr 14, Gorkem rated it it was amazing Shelves: Prtersburg is andre cerebral but Bely also appeals to our feelings, and we relish the atmosphere of Nietzschean nihilism together with the queasy uncertainty that accompanies drama unfolding while a time-bomb counts down. Stay in Touch Sign up. Three actual public locales on Nevsky Prospect are mentioned in Petersburg: It is the capital, but it is not the capital, and if it is not the capital then what is it?