•Patented formula – Acetic acid free, Netural pH •First high level disinfectant from PHERA® system •Soricidal activity in 5 minutes •Aldehyde free: no fixation of. ANIOXYDE Total high-level disinfection of surgical and medical equipment , endoscopy equipment, thermosensitive equipment and medical devices. Anioxyde † and Gigasept FF † are approved treatments for small and large sizes only. Total. Approved at 70°C for 30 minutes only.

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The green arrow indicates which sorting you choose.

Anioxyde – Glove (Hand protection) – Data ID:

Our kemikalieguidesprovides indicative breakthrough times in minutes unless otherwise stated for a number of chemicals anoixyde off by either products or materials. We have made sure you will be properly guided along the way. We will receive and approve your application within 1 hour Step 3. Breakthrough time is calculated most often depending on the product from the product’s first contact with a chemical, as material degradation continues, while the product is not used. Use this to keep track on the big amount of data.

You will need to compromise with properties to get the best suitable and durable product. Gloves that have come into contact with harmful chemicals should always be considered as a maximum one-day gloves.

We actually made it even easier than such, by allowing you to search anjoxyde each column. Therefore calculate from this, since the thickness of the tested glove material has a decisive influence on the breakthrough times, you should be aware that there may be large differences in the results.


You can easily navigate between our guides and databases in several ways. Started with safety, health and the environment in mind for danish companies now also to the private anioxyds public sector D-S Dataguide guarantees an extensive and daily updated platform for you. When you will find the best possible product, is it important to know:. Now you can login with your information and begin using the D-S Dataguide.

Likewise you will be able to download and read documentation in product sheets and technical data sheets, simply by clicking this icon at each product.


Our dataguide is a simple and intuitive tool with great possibilities for you to ease your everyday as a buyer or decision maker. Conversely you will need to change glove more often than the penetration time indicates. In every dataguide you will be given the option to show a number of results per page.

To use our D-S DataGuide is very easy. From here you can navigate your way to your desired guide or database.

Anooxyde on a dataguide you can easily filter and sort results by these tools. Use serach fields like these to easily find anixyde you are searching for. Simply click on this box to decide the amount of results shown per page. Chemical penetration can NOT be tested by filling the glove with the concerned chemical to test if it “holds up”!


To fulfill the requirement against mechanical impacts to a chemical glove durability, cut resistance, tear strength you are often recommended to compromise with a glove which gives aniozyde chemical penetration time. We have collected an extensive amount of data regarding safety equipment and made it all freely available on a single site. Both the temperature and concentration of chemicals have influence on the breakthrough time.

Wit out global search you will be able to search through the entire currently open dataguide. Choose what fits you and your needs. Simply type in what you are searching for in these fields.

Watch our step-by-step video guide and get started using our data guides. We will receive and approve your application within 1 hour. Which chemicals should the product protect against?

ANIOXYDE 1000 – high level disinfectant

Which requirements do you demand in durability, quality and flexibility? Because there are no products yet there has achieved to protect against all chemicals at once. For how long is the product supposed to be worn or used?