PI Trade Names and Active Ingredients containing Arixtra. 1 Documents available. Need more information on a product? Search the Australian Register of. Mylan manufactures ARIXTRA®* (fondaparinux sodium) Injection, Solution ( Arixtra) in strengths of 25 mg05 mL 5 mgmL5 mg04 mL mgmL75 mg06 mL injection of Arixtra mg in young healthy subjects are provided in Table 1 below: . Arixtra mg once daily following hip fracture surgery, patients were.

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The GUSTO V study evaluated reduced-dose reteplase arxtra combination with full dose abciximab, in comparison to full dose reteplase alone in patients with acute myocardial infarction MI ; all patients received concurrent aspirin and heparin therapy. Long-term concomitant treatment with edoxaban and other anticoagulants is not recommended; short-term use may be necessary for patients transitioning to or from edoxaban.

Umbilical cord plasma fondaparinux concentrations were one-tenth the concentration in maternal plasma.

An antidote to reverse bleeding effects of fondaparinux is pu available; however, one is under investigation. We do not record any personal information entered above.

Mylan Worldwide

Patients on anticoagulants should be arixtrw for changes in response to anticoagulation therapy if cilostazol is administered concurrently. Serotonergic agents may increase the risk of bleeding when combined with anticoagulants via inhibition of serotonin uptake by platelets; however, the absolute risk is not known.

Occurrences of major bleeding in patients fondaparinux for treatment of DVT and PE with normal renal function, mild renal impairment, moderate renal impairment, and severe renal impairment have been found to be 0. However, aspirin alone produced a marked inhibition of platelet aggregation ex vivo; anagrelide enhanced the platelet inhibition effects of aspirin slightly. DHEA is converted to androgens and estrogens within the human body and thus may affect hemostasis via androgenic or estrogenic effects.


Fondaparinux exhibits dose-dependent, linear pharmacokinetics. When measured shortly after completion of a telavancin infusion, the results of these tests are increased; however, the effects of telavancin on these tests dissipate over time as plasma concentrations of telavancin decrease.

Moderate Concomitant use of vorinostat with anticoagulants may result in an additive risk of bleeding due to vorinostat-induced thrombocytopenia; monitor patients closely.

Persons who are receiving anticoagulants should not take kava kava without first discussing use with their health care professional. Major Guarana has been shown to possess minor antiplatelet activity and, therefore, concurrent use of guarana and anticoagulants or platelet inhibitors should be avoided.

The combination regimen was associated with a two-fold increase in moderate to severe non-intracranial bleeding complications, including spontaneous GI bleeding. The manufacturer recommends cautious use; however, no specific dosage guidelines are available.

Moderate Monitor for evidence of bleeding if coadministration of dasatinib and anticoagulants is necessary.

Arixtra (fondaparinux sodium) dose, indications, adverse effects, interactions from

Because cilostazol is a platelet aggregation inhibitor, concomitant administration with similar acting drugs could theoretically result in an increased risk of bleeding due to additive pharmacodynamic effects, and combinations of these agents should be approached with caution.

Moderate Because of the potential effects of certain dextran arixtar on bleeding time, use with caution in patients on aritra concurrently. Moderate Patients on chronic stable doses of anticoagulants, like fondaparinux, should be monitored closely for changes in coagulation parameters when orlistat is prescribed. Consider additional monitoring when concomitant use is medically necessary.

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Pentosan has one-fifteenth the anticoagulant activity of heparin.

TGA eBS – Product and Consumer Medicine Information

Moderate Methyltestosterone can increase the effects of anticoagulants through reduction of procoagulant factor. Recipient’s Email Separate multiple email address with a comma Please enter valid email address Recipient’s email is required.

Because vorapaxar inhibits platelet aggregation, a potential additive risk for bleeding exists if vorapaxar is given in combination with other agents that affect hemostasis such as anticoagulants.

Distribution is primarily in the blood. One episode of ecchymosis was reported, but no major bleeding episodes occurred. Subgroup analyses indicate that fondaparinux therapy was beneficial in patients receiving thrombolytics and in those that did not receive any type of reperfusion treatment; however, in those patients undergoing primary PCI, a benefit with fondaparinux was not seen.

Occult sources of vitamin K include green tea and green tea dietary supplements.

Patients were randomized to receive a 4-week treatment period of either placebo or 3 or 6 grams of fish oil daily. Patients receiving oral anticoagulant therapy should be closely monitored, especially when methyltestosterone treatment is initiated or discontinued.

Fondaparinux is a copy of the antithrombin III binding area of heparin. Major Treatment with drotrecogin alfa should be carefully considered in patients who are receiving or have received any anticoagulants. Moderate Some penicillins e.

Concomitant treatment with warfarin should be initiated as soon as possible, usually within 72 hours. Periodic complete blood counts, serum creatinine levels and stool occult blood tests are recommended.