Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. Historically, the book of Exodus treats of the Gleanings in Exodus (Arthur Pink Collection Book 26) – Kindle edition by Arthur W. Pink. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or. TOPIC: Pink, Arthur – Gleanings in Exodus (Other Topics in this Collection) SUBJECT: The Plagues Upon Egypt (Continued) Other Subjects in this Topic: . TOPIC: Pink, Arthur – Gleanings in Exodus (Other Topics in this Collection) Following the order of the contents of Exodus 12, the first thing to be noted is that .

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But mark carefully the lamb is to be eaten with “unleavened bread and bitter herbs”. The Covenant Ratified In this last plague, the Lord did that to which all the other plagues were logically and irresistibly leading up—the slaying of the first-born.

Others before us have performed this task, the best of which, perhaps, is to be found in volume 5 of the Companion Bible. This shows us why God commanded the Israelites to single out the lamb on the tenth day. Scripture records just seven times when this Feast was kept. The Atonement Money We are so familiar with this we are apt by the very fact to miss its significance.

We perceived His uniqueness, His unrivaled perfections. We may add that the Septuagint gives “para ten thuran”, which means along the door-way!

The institution and ritual of the Passover supply us with one of the most striking and blessed foreshadowments of the cross-work of Christ to be found anywhere in the Old Testament. The Israelites were to feed not only upon that where death had done its work, but upon that which had been subjected to the fire.


The Sermon on the Mount. This plague, coming on the top of the destruction of the cattle, seriously threatened the food-supplies of Fxodus. It tells of preparation for their walk. This blow was aimed more directly at the persons of the Egyptians. The Law of God And herein, many a soul may discern, if he will, why he has so great and so little successful conflict.

The fourth in the days of Hezekiah 2 Chron.

Gleanings in Exodus by Arthur W. Pink () | Best Commentaries Reviews

It was to die in the fullness of its strength. It artur to this that the singling out of the lamb four days before its slaying points, for four is the number of the world. Fit companions exkdus with unleavened bread and bitter herbs are these girt loins. The Exodua Judge Not only was the lamb to be killed, but its flesh was to be eaten. The effects were equally striking: But now that the Lord was about to destroy the property of the Egyptians, He spared the Israelites.

The Ten Commandments The Ark Continued How marvelously this pictured Christ on the Cross; blood above, where the thorns pierced His brow; blood at the sides, from His nail-pierced hands; blood below, from His nail-pierced feet!!

Gleanings in Exodus

The Golden Altar Nothing remained but death itself. The Typical Mediator Clearly this is the written Word, given us for a stay and support. A Guide to Fervent Prayer.

He bare our sins in His pimk body on the tree. Before passing on to the next plague we would offer a word of explanation upon a point which may have troubled some of our readers.


While the Vulgate reads, “in sanguine qui est limine”—in the blood which is on the threshold. In the previous verse we read, “eat the flesh in that night, roast with fire”, here, “eat not of it raw”.


They are the moral guise in which we appear before gkeanings they identify with us at least, if they are not, after all, ourselves. Upon the above we cannot do better than quote from Mr.

It was “such as hath not been in Egypt since the foundation thereof even until now”. They prey upon the crops, and consume all vegetation. Urquhart has made some illuminating remarks. Moses—A Type of Christ.

The inwards are those affections of His heart which were the motive-power impelling Him upon the path He trod. These were doubtless being offered to avert the plagues, and Moses, using the ashes in the same way produced another plague instead of averting it. Preceding this is a Divine work of grace within exoduz. The past is blotted out. Comments upon this we will reserve for our next papers. The true here typified is both blessed and solemn. In like manner the atoning pinl of Christ is not a progressive but a completed thing.

Moses Called and His Response