The Dongtan Plan: Comissioned by SIIC, and designed by ARUP. – Planned for a massive shift of people from rural areas to urban areas. – Transportation. Dongtan is a plan for a new eco-city on the island of Chongming in Shanghai, China. Arup, the British engineering consultancy firm, was contracted in by the developer, The Shanghai Industrial Investment Company (SIIC), to design . That they really saw Arup’s expensively produced Dongtan masterplan as a blueprint for a more sustainable future. They didn’t. Not when it.

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Shanghai milked the media well during the heyday of the planning. The problems are more fundamental. Email your examples to greenwash theguardian.

Arup and Dongtan, worthy winner of Greenwasher of the year | Ethical Corporation

We all wasted our time; burned carbon flying to Shanghai to relay a false prospectus to the world. Environmental reforms are stuttering under the pressure of a trade war but the government can get back on track, writes Ma Tianjie.

His deputy, John Prescott, went there twice. The only vehicles allowed in the city will be powered by electricity or hydrogen.

Searching for Dongtan on Google, there are aroundhits. View fact sheet for more information. Beijing will be crucial to steering an ambitious Paris-style agreement to restore global biodiversity. Dongtan is very significant for Shanghai and the nation.


Sze is a native New Yorker, but her father hails from Chongming Island in the Yangtze delta, which used to be dismissed as a rural backwater offshore from Shanghai before it was set aside to create Dongtan, an eco-city for half a million people. Greenwash, in other words.

Why eco-cities fail | China Dialogue

Well, it is now exactly a year until the start of the Expo. Dongtan is a chance to develop new ways of living.

Energy portal China portal. No houses, no water taxis, no sewage-recycling plant, no energy park. The delicate nature of the Dongtan wetlands adjacent to the site has been one dongtsn the driving factors of the city’s design.

The non-existent eco-city has also given Arup excellent guanxi connections with the Chinese govenrment who, in return for maintaing that the illusory Dongtan is a ‘green’ project vongtan awarded Arup numerous projects in China from decidely ungreen airports to skyscrapers.

T hree years ago, I crossed the world to see it: Abandoned gear is a huge threat to the environment but there are lots of ways to fix the problem. With the new bridge providing easy access to Shanghai’s Pudong business district, the island’s western end, where Dongtan was planned, will soon be taken over by high-rise, high-footprint apartments.

People will arrive at the coast and leave their cars behind, travelling along the shore as pedestrians, cyclists or on sustainable public transport vehicles.

Non-academic readers may puzzle over her rather abstract terminology, which Sze tries to clarify: This time, I was a personal victim of greenwash.


Dongtan, Shanghai

We wanted to change the rules in Dongtan, to do everything different. Apart from concerned environmental bloggers so far hardly anyone has actually sought to dig deeper on the Dongtan myth, with the honourable exceptions of the BBC World Service and Al Jazeera English.

So congratulations to Arup for creating an eco-myth to rival Atlantis and Shangri-La far away from the Thames Gateway Arup too in eastern China by the shores of the Yangtze which has brought them so much non-green business globally. We just don’t know if anything will happen or when. This week, Peter Head, the man behind the project at the London-based consulting engineers Arup, who drew up the master plan, told me his clients at the city’s Shanghai Industrial Investment Company had “gone quiet.

Dongtan proposes to have only green transport movements along its coastline. Show 25 25 50 All. British eco-engineers and green-minded architects and town planners were designing the renewably powered, car-free, water-recycling city of Dongtan as a model for the world.

Greenwash: The dream of the first eco-city was built on a fiction

The first are already under construction. Topics Greenhouse gas emissions Greenwash. The width of roads, everything.