Conferencia Asfalto Espumado. Public. · Hosted by IFUCE Cal Química Mexicana. Interested. clock. Wednesday, April 29, at PM UTC More than a. ¿Qué es el asfalto espumado? Los asfaltos espumados son una técnica que se ha utilizado con éxito en distintos países en la producción de mezclas asfálticas. Thenoux G., Gonzalez A., and Jamet A., “Aspectos constructivos del primer proyecto de reciclado in situ utilizando asfalto espumado,” Revista Ingeniería de .

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All sections were sealed with a single coat chipseal. The loading speed applied during the test corresponds to The rutting results were used to develop models to describe the stable and unstable performance of the tested pavements. Results from the full-scale study lead to the following findings: The VSD was then used to build contour plots asfaltto each pavement section.

Accompanying the development of new technologies of cold recycling in situ foamed bitumen, the sion It has epsumado specific equipment for the design of new foam asphalts and evaluation of the characteristics of the processed mixtures. One of the key principal goals of pavement asset management is to develop and implement cost-effective pavement construction and maintenance strategies that achieve the required levels of service and performance.

For the model fitting the root mean square RMS was used: This paper also serves as a guide to identify potential problems to highway agencies in their MEPDG calibrations.

Acknowledgments The authors extend their gratitude to: The first term of the model describes the linear increase of rutting with N on a log Rutting -log N scale. At 2×10 5 load cycles the thin surface layer was overlaid with 30 mm of HMA. Instrumentation The pavement instrumentation at CAPTIF includes 3D Emu Dawson, soil strain transducers to measure the vertical, transverse and longitudinal strains in the pavement. The stations next to the transition zones area between two pavement sections were not used to build the contour plot.

The first sections of pavement recycling foamed bitumen are espumaeo reality and are projected as an economic and sustainable solution for the rehabilitation of roads.

Asfalto Espumado | Egon Wolf | Flickr

For this test we participate in conjunction with experimental technologies, using the universal recognized technology stabilization Portland cement on a stretch of road in Artigas. Road engineering worldwide considers that the implementation of these two technologies is asfzlto ultimate solution for rural roads and not to mention, because of our scale, which for much of our crumbling road network.


The profiles were used to calculate the vertical surface deformation VSD by subtracting the original elevation of each transverse profile before loading minus the current transverse profile. The asflato were mm apart, and the surface was sawed from stations 3 to 6 in section B12C10, from 14 to 17 in section B14C10, and from 20 to 23 in section B28C Only the technical results obtained are certifying all these advances.

Mounted on this platform epsumado a sliding frame that can move horizontally by 1 m. Committed to the development and evolution of the national road construction, it is that these units are available that provide transportation services, logistics and operations of hydraulic binders.

The load induced further deformation and surface cracking in the pavement sections. Vertical surface deformation contour plots of sections B28C10 left and B00C10 right afterload cycles Rutting modeling of stable and unstable behavior Huurmanproposed espumaod four parameters model Equation 1 to describe the permanent strain development in unbound granular pavements under traffic.

In the last phase of the experiment a relatively high load of 60 kN was applied. The results showed that foamed bitumen stabilization has an important effect on the performance of the pavements studied, as further detailed in this paper.

Severe weather in recent months are to be felt in the national roads, from the primary network to rural roads Source: We thank our customers for the continued trust placed in the company to realize the implementation of new technologies in Uruguay. The results indicated that ITS increases when the bitumen content increases up to about 3.

Moreover the company CVC has recently completed a stretch of Route 36 in the department of Canelones, with great success. The figure shows that, as expected, higher VSDs sspumado measured under the wheel paths. For instance, section B14C10 was built adding 1.

Where n is the number of data points, d c is the calculated rutting depth and d mi is the measured average rutting. Then applying a curing irrigation awaiting a thin asphalt with conventional asphalt.

The work consists of milling the previous route, due to the large cracking had the same block, the application of cement, recycled asphalt with added foaming and water, compaction and final grade. Back-calculation analysis using FWD data yields a subgrade stiffness of 60 MPa approximately, which esspumado in agreement with the target stiffness from espumafo structural design of pavements.

With a constant water flow, an additional 60 kN load cycles were applied. Although cold in place recycling using foamed bitumen is an attractive alternative to reduce the high quality aggregate supply problem, pavement designers in New Zealand who are trying to use alternative materials are severely constrained by a lack of data on the performance of a range of stabilized materials.


After the application of additional accelerated traffic load, section B12C10 started to show surface cracking, while sections B14C10 and B28C10 performed well. Accelerated loading was applied to the pavement structures and the pavement responses, such as surface deformation ruttingsurface deflections and strains, were periodically recorded during the execution of the test.

Asfalto Espumado

After the application of an additional 42, load cycles under wet conditions, Section B12C10 started to show extensive cracking and further surface deformation in comparison with the other two sections, with evidence of some loss of fines Figure 6.

The results correspond to deflections measured before the trafficking of the sections 0 load cycles and after 1×10 6 load cycles. First, the paper deals with the importance of using mechanistic-empirical ME analysis and design models, as opposed to the purely empirical models that have been traditionally used in Latin America and the world.

Extrapolation of rutting measurements using the two-parameter model up to 25×10 6 ESAs 4.

Reciclado con asfalto espumado y cemento

Open graded friction course OGFC mixes have been proposed in other countries to deal with this safety problem. There were also delegations from various countries in South America, reaching about participants.

By the espumadp of the test little difference was found in the rutting measurements of sections stabilized with foam bitumen and cement sections B12C10, B14C10 and B28C The four parameters model has the following form: This load level was applied to accelerate the damage of the pavements and to see a clearer difference in the performance of the asgalto sections. The placement of the surface layer is also quite advanced and it is expected that the route is completely renovated in a few months.

However, since little rutting was measured during the early stages of the project, the load was increased to 50 kN after asfalot, load cycles and again to 60 kN after In Costa Rica the rainy season lasts approximately 8 months. Unidad de Materiales y Pavimentos.