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This specification2 relates to possible hazards that may not be recognized readily by the public and that may be encountered in the normal use for which a. ASTM F available in Chinese here: COMPS/htm. – Both F‐07e1 and F‐08 can be included as a. Both F ASTM F (PF) – Designation: F – 08 An American National Standard Standard Consumer Saf.

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Stuffed and Beanbag-Type Toys The maximum rotation or required torque shall be maintained for an additional 10 s. The axle shall not form a hazardous point or projection in those cases in which f9630-8 is forced through either wheel.

This specification does not cover product performance or quality, except as related to safety. The subcommittee that maintains F is F Also included are sphericalshaped attachments made of stuffed material.

This requirement is intended c963-08 minimize possible puncture hazards to the skin that might be caused should a child fall on a rigid projection, such as unprotected ends of axles, actuating levers, and decorative features.

An illustration of a sharp edge tester is shown in Fig. If such is the case, a torque and tension test shall be performed on f9633-08 arm, leg, or other appendage of the toy instead of the seam test. To measure impulsive sounds, locate the microphone 50 6 0. A loose ball in toys intended for children under 36 months of age shall not, under the in?

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The amount of torque shall be determined from Table 5, according to the age group for which the toy is intended. Short-circuit parts of opposite polarity. NOTE 3—Regardless of the manner in which edges are? Toys which use non-replaceable 9f63-08 as the only source of power are not subject to 6. Stuffed and Beanbag-Type Toys.


F — 08 applies to any coating that can be astmm off, regardless of the amount with results calculated based on the actual sample weight. Keywords battery-operated toys; children; safety labeling; safety testing; toy safety requirements 39 Copyright by ASTM Int’l all rights reserved ; Sun Feb 15 If a fuse or protective device operates opens or trips the device must be replaced or reset as many times as necessary to complete the required number of cycles.

ASTM F Published ()

Folding Mechanisms and Hinges: NOTE 4—The battery compartment door is considered part of the battery compartment. The intention of the producer or distributor, as well as normal use f936-08 reasonably foreseeable abuse, deter- mines whether the item is a toy counterpart.

asgm Link to Active This link will always route to the current Active version of the standard. Indeed, one of the hallmarks of the F standard is that it continues to be at the forefront in identifying and effectively addressing potential emerging safety issues and has led the world in this regard. These requirements do not apply to: Points on toys intended for children under the age of 8 years are potentially hazardous if they fail the sharp point test described in 16 CFR Stand side-face with the microphone and keep the rattle at the same height as the microphone at a distance of 50 cm.

The characteristics that distinguish toy? Teethers and Teething Toys. Take care to insure the stability of the solution if it is not possible to examine within one working day.

Testing references for hazardous substance content are given in 8. Test Methods for Locking Mechanisms or.


ASTM F Toy Safety Update

Stability and Over-Load Requirements. Any objects released as a result of this test shall be inspected for conformance with 4. The loading device used in the test shall be a torque gauge, torque wrench, or other appropriate device having an accuracy of It is continually reviewed by ASTM International members to keep pace with innovation, to incorporate new information, f693-08 to ensure consistent application.

At the conclusion of the test, the stalled motor atm shall not cause temperatures to exceed the limits of 4. Test for Loops and Cords. The toy shall be inspected after such tests, and hazards such as points, sharp edges, and release of small parts shall be evaluated in accordance with the relevant requirements listed in Section 4.

ASTM F963-11 Toy Safety Testing

Bag dimensions shall be measured while in the form of a bag, not cut open into a single thickness sheet. Whenever it is practicable, it is always an alternative to rotate the test object instead. This measurement shall be taken from the nipple side of the shield to the end of the nipple.

F — 08 10 lbf 45 N 15 lbf 67 N toys intended for use by children 18 months of age or less toys intended for use by children over 18 but not over 96 months of age The ends of spokes on toy umbrellas shall be protected. The toy shall be tested in its most onerous position. All types of toys covered by this speci?