Review of book by Koji Takaki and Henry Sakaida on history of Japanese Army Air Force planes that fought against B bombers. – Buy B Hunters of the JAAF (Aviation Elite Units) book online at best prices in India on Read B Hunters of the JAAF (Aviation Elite . B!’ No other term struck such terror in the hearts of the Japanese public during World War 2 than this single, most-hated name. It was then.

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Cliff Hare rated it liked it Nov 26, Refresh and try again. As the bombing altitudes got lower the number of Bs in the attacks increased to where every day hundreds of them were destroying Japanese b-92. Next, General Curtiss LeMay began low-level fire bombing of Japanese cities, which caused great destruction.

Several photos display the Bs’ intricate artwork, from Disney characters to bare-breasted women. Aviation Elite Units 5.

Immediately Americans were aware of the Japanese pilots great exaggerations of kills. The Enola created a dramatic ending to the bloody conflict which the Japanese had started. In one of the best short stories pp. Most were beheaded as soon as they were captured. LeMay also started using incendiaries and systematically started bombing virtually every city in Japan. Kf, whereas kamikaze pilots who tried to dive into ships had no chance of living, several JAAF pilots survived B ramming attacks to fight another day.

Most times they were never even seen. The book focuses on ramming attacks, so the reader ajaf not get an understanding of their relative importance when compared to conventional aerial attacks or to antiaircraft fire. Rare historical photos and exceptional color illustrations fill this book. Paperbackpages. The authors provide both sides’ claims of aircraft downed, but many times the combatants considerably overestimated or exaggerated the claims.


There is no doubt the ramming tactics and suicide attacks were a force to be reckoned with.

B-29 Hunters of the JAAF

It is full of photos of B crashes, listing the names of American and Japanese crews. The American B Superfortress bombing campaign against the Japanese mainland devastated the cities.

The idea was to coordinate their attack with ground searchlights, and approach the bombers from below, then shoot up into the formation. This fine publication goes into sickening detail of the treatment the Japanese gave hunter captured B crewmembers.

Firebombing had incinerated nearly every city in Japan.

A third generation Japanese American SanseiHenry Sakaida has spent much of his life researching the shadowy history of the Japanese fighter pilot. Koji Takaki is currently working on several other book projects with Sakaida.

The last ramming took place on 26 June against Bs. The Japanese were waiting and ready, with night fighters and searchlights, and anti-aircraft guns. Next, General Curtiss LeMay began low-level fire bombing of Japanese cities, which caused great destruction. Japanese techniques against the Americans were becoming worrisome.

Goodreads helps you huntegs track of books you want to read. The book also has many well-drawn illustrations of JAAF planes, tail markings, unit insignia, and markings used to signify claims to B kills.


Every man who ever flew as a crewmember on a B should definitely read this hutners. Instead, only those pilots in designated special attack units are officially n-29. The illustration above is color plate 9 of Now retired after a long career in the textiles industry, Takaki is working on several book projects with Henry Sakaida.

Book report written by Wayland Mayo, Website Historian. Tom Tullis has illustrated a number of books in both the Aces and Combat Aircraft series, and was the first artist to produce material for Osprey Aviation electronically. I consider this book a must have. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

B Hunters of the JAAF by Koji Takaki

Even after hitting a B, a pilot sometimes had a chance to parachute from his plane or even to land his damaged plane. In one technique the fighter would climb above the bomber formation and drop breakaway canister aerial burst phosphorous bombs.

This book details the exploits of the ‘Dragon Slayers’ who, flying the very latest single- and twin-engined fighters, exacted a heavy toll on the AAF Boeing bombers using a range of tactics including ramming.

The Kamikaze attacks by the Japanese increased and were quite effective. Dobry Vojak huntes it it was amazing May 03, Using less gas, they could carry a larger bomb load.