Allan Pease,. Barbara Pease A testbeszéd enciklopédiája es kiadása remek olvasmány volt, pontosan emiatt, mert a legalapvetőbb dolgok is. This ground-breaking, category-killer from internationally acclaimed authors Allan and Barbara Pease will show you that changing your life starts with asking the. Barbara Pease – Allan Pease: The Definitive Book of Body Language. Dezsényi Péter: −30% · Barbara Pease – Allan Pease: A testbeszéd enciklopédiája.

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Go ahead pick it up and take a read. For example, when I purchased a new car it seemed that every other person on the road drove the same car as me and while i did wonder briefly why that was, i never seeked out an answer, i just accepted that it enciklopdina just coincidence. This has motivated me to action, to reassess the things that I thought I could never achieve.

Palms shown in the past have meant no weapons or “this is my allegiance” -palms behind back, crossed arms or in pockets looks untrustworthy.

Your list has reached the maximum number of items. This has truly been a fantastic book to help motivate and encourage the creation of a ‘to do’ list for in a way that is achievable. It works better in countries where touching is not the norm.

I think this book offers a clear understanding of an extraordinary combination between positive feelings, visualization and action-oriented goals. The pace is simply fast and you can have a comfortable read as the book is well organized.

I feel This book is amazing! In “The Answer”, the authors constantly calls the reader to action, such as telling us to write our goals down onto testbesad, then prioritizing them and rewrite them.

I thought it would be another useless ‘self-help’ book, but it isn’t.

Testbeszéd by Balázs Zákány on Prezi

With a mixture of science and their own experiences providing the reader with an opportunity to improve their own life by understanding what they really want and how to set about attai First and foremost, I really enjoyed this book. Displaying Editions 21 – 30 out of I do find m I had no idea what to expect, and believe it did start off a bit slowly for my liking. Year 11 11 27 13 26 Show more For full review encikloopdija visit my blog https: I have had to walk away from the book, sometimes for days at a time to really think about my answers.


Worthy investment this book is.

Aug 10, Bec rated it liked it. El llenguatge corporal by Allan Pease; Barbara Pease.

المرجع الأكيد في لغة الجسد

In contrast The Answer gives you tidbits along the way and encourages you to take action – you don’t have to read the entire book to start implementing it’s advice and as you move through and are introduced to the concepts and they are slowly expanded upon then you can easily integrate them into your life.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. In “The Answer”, the authors constantly calls the reader to action, such as telling us to write our goals down onto paper, then This is a great book, probably the best book Peass read in years. Just a moment while barbarz sign you in to your Goodreads account. In this book, the authors teach alllan how the brain works, then give answers to questions on how to take charge of your life and make it tesgbeszd.

We’re far more complex than that, sometimes the book’s description of these body positions is exaggerated clapping on the back of the person you hug does NOT mean you’re insincere, face platters are also used to disguise boredom, holding up your wrist can also means you forgetting something, etc, body language is not as black and white as the book can sometimes make it seem.

Personally, I enjoyed the book since it gave many insights into behavioural science, which I never knew. Allaan I did find in this one over others though, is that it goes on to explain how the brain processes the information to make it happen for you. Allan and Barbara Pease never disappoint.

A great summary All philosophies of success mastered in one book.

The Answer

The pages are filled barbarra humour, stories from Allan and Barbara’s real life, combined with inspirational quotes and well-written advice. Thank you so much for The Answer.

Handwriting your list is so important. Not only achievable but I’m actually looking forward to getting stuck into things rather than putting them off because everything seemed so enciklopdjja and hard. The content includes signals of hand shakes, facial expressions, arm signals, hand and thumb signals, recognizing deception, eye signals, leg signals, personal space, style mimicry and sitting positions. I would like to finish this book, then re-read it and then rewrite this review in a couple of months to add more of my thoughts but so far I’m really happy with how it has made me think deeply about some of the choices I’ve made with my life.


Apr 05, Annaliese rated it it was amazing Shelves: Eye contact – amount that makes people feel comfortable. Return to Book Page.

The book is brilliant to understand the body language of citizens of US, Britain and Australia. Leaning on a wall or doorway can intimidate others. I already feel like I’ve started my curvy path to success, which for me means a much clearer directio I read this amazing book in 4 days.

It touches on areas such as fear and negative thinking which surrounds so many of our lives. Jan 09, M. Their poignant ordeals would melt our heart. They even include a special section on how to tackle interviews and also a helpful scenario based test to recap what have you learned throughout your reading.

There was so much that struck me, and that I wanted to read again and again. If you’re looking for an entertaining self-help book that is easy to read and will help you to achieve your goals, this is it!

The Answer by Allan Pease

Stand straight when speaking. The rest is mostly like a pep talk.

Although the author claims that the contents of this book is peawe from social experiments, I somehow doubt the authenticity and the reliability of the methods they use for these ‘researches’. What i disliked the most, was the near end chapter.

Aug 13, Geraldine Birtwistle rated it it was amazing.