Tales of the Black Widow Company (Battletech) [Jordan K. Weisman] on Amazon. com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A history of the Black Widow. Buy BATTLETECH Black Widow Company Lance: Grown-Up Toys – ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. The Black Widows are striving to be the best cohesive unit in the game. We are Organized in a Para-Military manner, meaning we have rank.

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Cergorach on 01 August I think, I’ve lost all my perks for photo-fu.

Referred to above is the new Mercenaries HB and shows 3 of the 4 mechs you want to paint. We have an interrogation to attend to.

One who puts on his armor should not boast like one who takes it off Pro pacis par vox excellens.

Tales of the Black Widow Company

Your Tbolt cockpit is the best I’ve ever seen in all my years in this game. Compqny excellent as usual but the T-Bolt is the star for me. I can’t find too many reference images on the internet due to the rarity of unseen designs, so I’m hoping you all can help. Dread signed a contract with House Marik with the agreement that he had full control over the Black Widow Company with no interference from the House.


The Black Widow company CO’s

I believe there were 22 bays? We are Clan Snow Raven. Shoot the damn thing. I did my black widow Lance with my old 3rd edition box set.

Black Widow Company – BattleTechWiki

When the combat began Battletedh immediately noticed that half of his weapons went offline. Although composed mostly of misfits and troublemakers, the Black Widow Company was a dangerous elite fighting unit with a reputation for brilliant tactics and a boldness bordering on folly.

M representing the Black Widow company is, you guessed it, black with red trim. From what I gather he continued the Widows through several MW games but I have lost contact with him although I was politely asked by the Devs to “join a house so I could know when planned house wars took place” and was told “We can’t have a group as strong as the Widows disrupting the House aspects of the game”.

Masters of the void, and reapers of your souls befriend v.

Nightstalker Master Sergeant Posts: Ryumyo Warrant Officer Posts: In mid – we were over active members strong and a REAL force to be reckoned with.

Thank you Hikage Agent N.

The original black widows source book bas them in an all black paint job on the back cover. It looks sooo great!

  30402 BOSCH PDF

Black Widow Company

O0 Looks like your lighting is washing out the black. Had already painted one of the mechs so I substituted on as a replacement on the command lance. ShadowRaven Lieutenant Colonel Posts: I don’t set an example for others. Love the classic Hammer! Applause on the paint work on all of them. A Singaporean Battletech Blog http: They do mention the Wolf Spider Battalion, spiritual heirs of the Black Widows, as being in black with red trim. As a fan of the old Thunderbolt, i’m sooooo happy to see that mod.

I outlined the unit with a Para-military structure and added Trials for advancement through the ranks. I lined the command lance with a light grey. With two units people thought was one they were able to pull off some astounding victories which led to the eventual fame and creation of the Black Widows Company, led by Dread, a unit within the Black Widows themselves.