Those of you who have read the Grow Fins booklet written by John will find the structure of this book familiar – verbatim interviews with Magic. This astonishing book is both a vigorous debunking of the Captain Beefheart myth – a myth sold by the old snake oil salesman himself and swallowed willingly . Buy Beefheart: Through The Eyes Of Magic by John Drumbo French (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible.

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Certainly aimed at those who love and possibly obsess over Captain Beefheart and The Magicc Band, lesser fans may prefer Mike Barnes biography.

For that track I was tied to a wolverine for three days and three nights while Don whistled the tune and the guitar parts to Bill who translated them into Morse Code and relayed them to me. It’s almost pointless reviewing a book like this because it doesn’t really matter how well it’s written, more that it’s a historical document. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Loads of anecdotes in here to keep the hardcore fans happy.

For all the interviews in the book, a few key personnel in particular, Jeff Cotton, Moris Tepper, Eric Feldman declined to be interviewed; some Bob Krasnow, Richard Perry, Ry Cooder, Bruce Magc either didn’t agree to be interviewed or were never approached the text doesn’t say ; and some Frank Zappa especially were deceased by the time of writing.

Submissions should be in RTF format or in the body of the email.

We are also open to submissions from artists for inclusion in the magazine. Gradually it morphs into a memoir: The tale involves manipulation, intimidation, violence and some very, very memorable albums and tracks.

Essential reading for all Beefheart fanatics, although if you are one, you will have already read this. I’ve loved his music since I was that thin boy I used to be. Having grown up there, I can almost hear the accent in my head when I read these pages. French’s remarkable memoir starts with a vivid description of the rarely-documented early 60s Lancaster garage-rock scene Also, of course, Dons vocal overdubbing technique, as usual, left thee to be desired.


Ribs were broken at times, fists were used. I went from having my perceptions of Safe as Milk altered from being one of the tightest albums put together thruogh a blagged masterpiece. This reverence is killing me.

Mavic you get past the first pages and he finds himse Who would’ve thought that the biggest rock biog ever unverified would be by John French aka Drumbo to Beefheart’s Magic Band? You can’t be just ‘a bit of a fan’, it’s a lifetime’s obsession. Vol 2 Iss 5. The first thing you notice is that this is a BIG book.

Review: Beefheart – Through the Eyes of Magic ~ The Fringe Magazine

Gave up on this one. Vol1 Iss 1 Download Link.

Mar 13, Gareth Mooney rated it liked it. Vol 2 Iss 3. Nevertheless, he doesn’t need to remind the reader every 20 pages or so, that without him transcribing, the amgic illerate Beefheart would never have got his ideas across in the way that was presented on his records. Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Don Vliet – he added the van for a bit of swagger – was an extraordinary man, brilliant and outrageous – troutrageous, if you will. A must for any person remotely obsessed with the Beef.

Another problem is that this An interesting book, with a lot of unique, important material, but with a number of problems. Jan 18, Barry Snaith rated it really liked it. Many stories and anecdotes are repeated frequently, and we beefheary given detailed accounts of minor episodes that will be uninteresting to virtually all readers.

This entry was posted on Monday, September 20, at French is excruciatingly honest about Don Van Vliet’s abusive philosophy of band management and he’s also excruciatingly honest about himself.

However, that’s not of great concern as the book is so utterly, utterly compelling as to make such criticisms minor affairs. His music was all compressed bounding agility, all electric, howling, mad in every way, ecstatic, as religious as I ever wanted to be, you couldn’t sing along to it, or you could if you didn’t mind someone tthe the police, you couldn’t dance to it but it was made from people, along with plants and animals and stars and roots tgrough like rakers, and trains that house your thoughts and your very belongings.


The tale involves manipulation, intimidation, violence and some This monster of a book is certainly not for the faint of Beef heart. Beasts and Monsters by Anthony Horowitz Througb Band members would suffer constant verbal and physical abuse, not only from the front man, but also from other band members, as Van Vliet would methodically turn them against one another.

To see what your friends thought of this book, please magjc up. Vol 2 Iss 2. From surveys we’ve conducted, our readers are like most people and enjoy reading all kinds of books, both fiction and non-fiction.

Beefheart: Through the Eyes of Magic

The only thing you won’t find at The Fringe Magazine is a bad review, if we don’t like something, we won’t put up a review at all. The extreme poverty was the least of it. It remains a valid musical statement all these years later, except for the bass which was recorded very badly, and because the wolverine had eaten most of my left legsome of the drum parts were too technically difficult by the time we came to record My Human Gets Me Blues.