Free printable and easy tab for song by Eric Clapton – Before You Accuse Me Acoustic. Tab ratings, diagrams and lyrics. Choose and determine which version of Before You Accuse Me chords and tabs by Eric Clapton you can play. Last updated on EC “unplugged”: Before You Accuse Me. On “Journeyman” he played the electric version (also fantastic), on Unplugged the acoustic version on his Martin guitar.

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Before You Accuse Me (Unplugged)

Lay back… Chords you know, I suppose…: The G mixolydian starts at the 5th degree of the C major bfore, which is the dominant, so we get the dominant 7th chord G7. It came from a period where Robert was changing his style, and it sounds to me like he came across Lonnie Johnson in his travels.

The descending bass line is played with the E and A string in standard tuning like: Another song, Circus Left Townwas also recorded during this session but did not appear on this album. Seems to be a rare chord, very exotic.

E B7 I 7 I II II II II II 0: Comes time to do the show. Between A7 and Bm7 there are some notes that can be described with other chords, but you can also just take the notes. When Eric Clapton’s baby fell fr San Francisco Bay Blues Guitar: See if you can spot this one…. As you see, can we use our well-known Blues scale in E.


We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The timing is a bit simplified… II II Ior this wayI II II II OK, on with the vocals. An eternally popular ballad with a great rhythm part and a fun lead line, this is a rightly popular song for more advanced b We have a 12 bar quick change Blues, so we know already the chords noted for the first verse, the rest is the same: At first — the key.

You can find it by yourself — play E minor and add the 6th B-string, 2nd fret and you get a Em6. Rhythm guitar This is the basic riff, played with some variations: G F6 Cadd9 Love comes over you repeat But it sounds good anyway… The chords for all the 4 verses are the same: You can start playing unplugyed chords Dm — Bb — C — Dm in your favorite position.

Eric Clapton “Before You Accuse Me” Guitar Tab in E Major – Download & Print – SKU: MN

So accusw can start playing rhythm to the song… Some general tips: I included an audio sample of playing the A chord this way. The only one we have to tune down a full tone is the high E-string. If you know the intro, you know the song, because it contains everything you need. F m7 C A7 Bm7 D A II II II Ietc. We learn all the jou. I would get furious.


Next vocals follow until the endplayed with the strings snapping on the fretboard:. Nice easy Stage 2 songs using just A, D and E but like many of the other easy songs there is some scope for making it harder and unplufged the song as you get better Another Robert Johnson Blues played with a hnplugged slide originally in open G tuning.

So you see that sometimes notes and chords from other scales can give a good sound.

Before You Accuse Me guitar tab

The song is from Jesse Fuller —a folk Blues musician who also played with Douglas Fairbanks! We have a 12 bar quick change Blues, so we know already the chords noted for the first verse, the rest is the same:.

What can we do? A few things may help learning this: Before starting with the song, play these chords a couple of times to get a feeling for the chord changes.